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  1. coronavirus

    Candidates and Democratic Groups Call for an End to Ballot Petition Challenges

    Opposition challenges to the signatures primary candidates are politics as usual in NYC. But some say they should be suspended during the pandemic.


  2. work

    NYC Youth Summer Jobs Program Scrapped Over Pandemic

    Some 75,000 young people will go without work, leading to a loss of income and experience. Critics called the city’s decision hasty.


  3. making history

    ‘What’s Safe to Do?’: NYC Museums Grapple with Preserving COVID-19 Artifacts

    NYC’s archivists and curators are figuring out how best to chronicle coronavirus history without putting the public — or themselves — at risk.

    making history

  4. building immunity

    Affordable Housing, Transit Projects Plow on in Coronavirus Pause

    Construction workers decide between a paycheck and exposure to illness as developers weigh liability concerns for anyone who gets sick on the job.

    building immunity

  5. work

    Environmental Protection Workers Told to Return to Office After Colleague Dies

    Staffers at the city environmental agency’s Queens HQ say they believe their lives are in danger after eight employee coronavirus cases — one fatal.


  6. paramedics

    First Responder Worried About Her EMS Friend Now Also Hospitalized

    FDNY paramedic battles pneumonia as her pal remains in ICU. “I am extremely tired,” Sherry Singleton texted from her hospital bed.


  7. work

    Worried Cleaners Take Front Line Positions in Fight Against Virus

    With jobs disappearing and money tight, cleaners are braving exposure to the coronavirus to feed their families.


  8. covid-19

    Queens Neighborhoods Hardest Hit by Virus Home to Many Service Workers

    Jackson Heights, Corona and Elmhurst — home to many New Yorkers keeping the city going amid pause — record biggest concentration of cases, stats show.


  9. work

    Construction on City Hospital Back Offices Goes On After Cuomo Work Halt

    New Manhattan administrative space for New York City Health + Hospitals has been deemed an “essential” exception to the governor’s “pause” order.


  10. work

    Civil Servants Seek Line-of-Duty Death Benefits for Coronavirus Cases

    Fight evoking 9/11 first responders’ health battle begins to get enhanced pension payouts for families of a wide range of workers felled by COVID-19.


  11. work

    In a Hungry City on Pause, Grocery Workers Take Stock and Press On

    Employee shortages, long lines and lots of Lysol are signs of changing times for the essential staffers at one Queens grocery store.


  12. faq

    New Yorkers’ Coronavirus Questions, Answered by THE CITY

    Do I have to pay rent? Are homemade masks helpful? What’s up with the federal stimulus? We tackle readers’ questions on getting through the pandemic.


  13. work

    Cuomo Calls Off ‘Non-Essential’ Construction Statewide

    After outcry from workers and job sites impacted by coronavirus, governor nixes most residential and commercial building projects in New York.


  14. work

    NYC Paramedic Battles ‘Paranoia and Anxiety’ as Coworker Fights COVID in ICU

    FDNY EMS responder Sherry Singleton works long hours aiding coronavirus patients as work friend Christell Cadet battles for her life on a ventilator.


  15. overcrowding

    Subway Workers Say They’re Packed Too Tight in Terminal Break Rooms

    New York City Transit employees are having a tough time staying the recommended six feet away from each other in terminal common areas.


  16. work

    Brooklyn Cable Guy’s Diagnosis Raises Worry Virus Is One House Call Away

    Infected Optimum technician said he “didn’t feel safe” entering customers’ homes. Workers are calling on their companies to increase safety measures.


  17. slowdown

    Subway Ridership Plunge Deepest at Big Manhattan Stations

    Commutes down by one-third overall as coronavirus crisis spreads. Meanwhile, service reductions could be on tap if drop worsens, THE CITY has learned.


  18. coronavirus

    As Lights Go Out On Broadway, Worry and Confusion Take Center Stage

    The planned month-long darkening of The Great White Way has left the workers who make the magic happen reeling. The next act remains unclear…


  19. on the job

    New Yorkers Who Can’t Work From Home Forge on as Virus and Uncertainty Spread

    Some described taking new precautions, while others said they’re already seeing a slowdown in business. They’re united in the need to keep working.

    on the job

  20. the bloomberg way

    Bloomberg’s Firm Violated Sick Leave Law He Vetoed as Mayor, but Now Supports

    The billionaire presidential hopeful’s media company was cited for a policy requiring workers to provide a doctor’s note after one or two sick days.

    the bloomberg way

  21. death on the job

    Construction Overseers Charged With Manslaughter in Luis Sánchez Almonte’s Death

    Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez presses rare manslaughter prosecutions in the 2018 fatal crushing of excavation worker Luis Sánchez Almonte in Sunset Park.

    death on the job

  22. prime location

    Amazon Starts to Deliver on its Other Queens Home

    Plans for a distribution center in Woodside move forward two months after the end of HQ2 – spurring vows of a renewed fight against the retail giant.

    prime location

  23. work

    Food Carts Back on Council’s Front Burner

    Street vendors’ hopes for more permits heat up, following a long chill. But it’s unclear whether a new bill will pass mayoral muster.


  24. death on the job

    The Price of a Laborer’s Life: $63,647 OSHA Fine for Shady Contractor

    OSHA investigators found that a cave-in warning was ignored shortly before immigrant construction worker Luis Sánchez Almonte died buried in rubble.

    death on the job

  25. work

    A Taste of Justice for Food Vendors Whose Carts Were Trashed by City

    Unlicensed street vendors are on the brink of a city legal settlement after seeing their carts and food hauled off by the NYPD and Health Department