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  1. coronavirus

    How to Get Food in New York Right Now — And How to Help Feed

    We’ve compiled resources on how to stay fed if you’re low on cash, homebound — or trying to keep safe while getting takeout.


  2. education

    What You Should Know About NYC’s Plan to Shutter Schools

    The country’s largest school system announced it would be closing its doors this week to help stem the spread of the deadly new coronavirus.


  3. education

    What Should It Take to Graduate High School in New York?

    The state Board of Regents on Wednesday kicked off a two-year process of rethinking diploma requirements with the first of 11 forums in the city.


  4. the bloomberg way

    A Quick Study on Mike Bloomberg’s Education Record as Mayor

    Chalkbeat reviewed of dozens of studies on the impact of the Democrat presidential candidate’s New York City school policies. Here’s what they found.

    the bloomberg way

  5. education

    New York City Has a New Special Education Chief

    A 17-year veteran of the education department, Christina Foti is now responsible for some 230,000 students classified as having special needs.


  6. education

    Two Brooklyn Schools Set to ‘Merge’ for Integration, Space

    Fort Greene’s popular lottery-based school Arts & Letters is set to move into PS 305, an under-enrolled school in Bed-Stuy.


  7. education

    Find Your NYC School’s 2019 Graduation Rate

    City students graduated at a record high last school year. Chalkbeat made a searchable database to find any public or charter school graduation rate.


  8. study text

    Five Years Later, Schools Still Struggling With de Blasio’s Cell Phone Policy

    Nearly five years after the city education department lifted a ban on cell phones, schools across are still grappling with what to do about them.

    study text

  9. race and class

    Case of Queens Principal Accused of Racism Pits Feds Against City DOE

    Seven years after alleged discrimination and retaliation, teachers who worked at an Elmhurst high school seek closure and justice in upcoming trial.

    race and class

  10. education

    Find Out How Much Your School’s PTA Raises

    Data released for the first time Monday lays bare funding disparities between schools in wealthy neighborhoods and those in low-income ones.