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  1. coronavirus

    How NYC’s Emergency Ventilator Stockpile Ended Up on the Auction Block

    A 2006 pandemic plan warned the city could be short by up to 9,500 ventilators. But the few hundred acquired were scrapped over maintenance costs.


  2. election 2020

    How New Yorkers Really Feel About Bernie, Mike and the Rest of Presidential Pack

    The state’s Democratic primary isn’t until April 28. But with “Super Tuesday” rapidly approaching, THE CITY took the local political pulse.

    election 2020

  3. the bloomberg way

    A Quick Study on Mike Bloomberg’s Education Record as Mayor

    Chalkbeat reviewed of dozens of studies on the impact of the Democrat presidential candidate’s New York City school policies. Here’s what they found.

    the bloomberg way

  4. the bloomberg way

    How Mike Bloomberg’s NYC Homeless Record Clashes With Campaign Promises

    The city shelter population grew by 71% during his mayoralty. Now a plan to tackle “national emergency” embraces tactics he scrapped at City Hall.

    the bloomberg way

  5. housing

    Eviction Drop Fuels Push to Expand Free Housing Help for Low-Income NYC Tenants

    Citywide eviction rate fell 18% over the last two years — credited, in part, to the Right to Counsel law. City Council mulls increasing eligibility.


  6. the bloomberg way

    Judge Who Ended Stop-and-Frisk Slams Bloomberg on Past Attempt to ‘Scare Me’

    Shira Scheindlin called 2013 taxpayer-funded dossier an “inappropriate” move meant to “instill fear” — and disputed his Democratic debate comments.

    the bloomberg way

  7. the bloomberg way

    Mike Bloomberg’s NYC Jails Record: Drop in Inmates, Rise in Force

    The Democratic presidential hopeful vowed this week to “end the era of mass incarceration.” THE CITY examined how he handled jails as mayor.

    the bloomberg way

  8. constructive criticism

    Epic $62M Landmarks Commission HQ Project Building History of Cost Overruns

    The tab to fix office space and construct a hearing room for the Landmarks Preservation Commission has grown by $33 million amid a four-year delay.

    constructive criticism

  9. the bloomberg way

    Bloomberg’s Firm Violated Sick Leave Law He Vetoed as Mayor, but Now Supports

    The billionaire presidential hopeful’s media company was cited for a policy requiring workers to provide a doctor’s note after one or two sick days.

    the bloomberg way

  10. the bloomberg way

    Newly Revealed Bloomberg Emails Give Glimpse Into NYC Mayor Stint

    His City Hall archive is far from complete. But the limited emails we obtained offer a private look into the billionaire who would be president.

    the bloomberg way

  11. the bloomberg way

    A Search for Emails From Mike Blooomberg’s Mayoral Years

    Only limited emails sent via a server from Bloomberg’s media company made it to the city archives after being screened by his lawyers, officials said.

    the bloomberg way

  12. the bloomberg way

    How NYCHA Lead and Repairs Scams Started Under Mike Bloomberg’s Mayoral Watch

    The former mayor, now running for president, never publicly questioned nearly 200K logged public housing fixes prosecutors later found never happened.

    the bloomberg way