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  1. homelessness

    Too Close for Comfort Inside NYC’s Biggest Homeless Shelter

    Coronavirus cases grow in shelters across the city where most guards still don’t have masks. The 30th Street Men’s Shelter offers a troubling picture.


  2. sudden move

    CUNY Students Pushed Out of Dorms for Emergency Medical Space

    Students are being kicked out at CSI, Hunter and City colleges to make way for “medical emergency centers” in the fight against coronavirus.

    sudden move

  3. coronavirus

    Frontline NYC Medical Staffers Describe Daily Battle at Struggling Hospitals

    They’re scrambling to make do with shrinking resources as the patient apex nears. “I am most worried I will get sick and die,” one Bronx doctor said.


  4. visas

    Immigration Change Leaves Language School Students in Limbo Amid Crisis

    The LISMA school lost a key federal certification, putting visa-holders at risk. Now, students are scrambling as city shuts down for coronavirus.


  5. hospitals

    One in Four NYC Hospital Coronavirus Patients Is Under Age 50

    Medical staff see wave of people in 20s and 30s seriously afflicted by coronavirus. Meanwhile, most of the fatalities so far are over 65 and male.


  6. out of step

    A St. Patrick’s Day Without an NYC Parade as Coronavirus Hits Tradition

    The first postponement in the New York City event’s 258-year history left everyone from longtime participants to merchants to street vendors reeling.

    out of step

  7. housing

    Courts Offer Chance to Delay Eviction and Other Cases Over Illness

    New Yorkers will be able to request deferments due to “flu-like symptoms” or possible coronavirus exposure starting Friday, court officials said.


  8. coronavirus

    As Lights Go Out On Broadway, Worry and Confusion Take Center Stage

    The planned month-long darkening of The Great White Way has left the workers who make the magic happen reeling. The next act remains unclear…


  9. volunteering

    How Can You Help During the Crisis? New Yorkers Get Creative

    Some charities badly need volunteers and blood donations are down as coronavirus spreads in NYC. A check — or a check-in with a neighbor works, too.


  10. justice

    Evictions and Trials Halted While Courts Defend Against Coronavirus

    Meanwhile, two community courthouses are being eyed as NYPD holding centers for arrested people suspected of having the COVID-19 illness.


  11. seniors

    Senior Centers Scramble to Serve Hungry Elders Staying Home Over Coronavirus

    To get a free hot lunch, elderly New Yorkers vulnerable to infection must decide whether to risk joining the crowd — spurring calls for a Plan B.


  12. seniors

    New York Nursing Home Preparations Ramp Up as Coronavirus Concerns Grow

    Facilities that serve elderly are limiting visits, screening guests and canceling events after deaths in Washington state and a scare in Brooklyn.


  13. off key

    Owners of Chelsea Hotel Harassed Tenants During Renovations, NYC Alleges

    Landlords at the cultural landmark asked the city for permission to continue work that tenants say is causing dangerous conditions inside.

    off key

  14. congress

    Yang Gang Effect Boosts New York Candidates Pushing Universal Basic Income

    Eight state congressional hopefuls are promising stipends for all. Candidates include James Felton Keith, challenger to Rep. Adriano Espaillat.


  15. tale of the tape

    Embattled Prosecutor Charges She Faced ‘Bullying’ in DA Vance’s Office

    Diana Florence, accused of withholding evidence, contends in resignation letter that Manhattan prosecutor’s office was a “hostile work environment.”

    tale of the tape

  16. threads

    Coronavirus Ripples Hit New York City Merchants From 7,000 Miles Away

    Chinese textile factories shuttered over the virus are causing headaches for local clothing businesses. Mom and pop shops are feeling the pinch.


  17. transit

    F Train’s Turn for Tunnel to Shut Down for Sandy Damage Fix

    The tube that carries the F train between Manhattan and Brooklyn will get $50 to $100 million worth of nights-and-weekends repairs next year.


  18. pay-per-use

    New Yorkers Still Confused on How Plastic Bag Ban Will Work

    With new law coming March 1, we found a supermarket hawking sacks made of thicker plastic. Meanwhile, shoppers and shopkeepers were girding for shift.


  19. tale of the tape

    Vance Prosecutor Misconduct Accusations Could Cost Millions

    Firms that agreed to pay into the Manhattan DA’s forfeiture fund to settle bribery cases may be getting money back, THE CITY has learned.

    tale of the tape

  20. constructive criticism

    Epic $62M Landmarks Commission HQ Project Building History of Cost Overruns

    The tab to fix office space and construct a hearing room for the Landmarks Preservation Commission has grown by $33 million amid a four-year delay.

    constructive criticism

  21. tale of the tape

    Vance Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Tape Could Face Grilling Under Oath

    Defendant convicted in bribery case demands Diana Florence, a former top deputy to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, testify at hearing.

    tale of the tape

  22. representation

    Manhattan Community Boards Are Missing Hispanics, Young People — and Renters

    Here’s what we know about the demographics of Manhattan’s 12 community boards, thanks to detailed information collected by BP Gale Brewer’s team.


  23. succession plan

    Top Corey Johnson Aide Running for His Chelsea Council Seat

    Erik Bottcher, the speaker’s chief of staff, is building his campaign on community connections that stretch from Greenwich Village to Hell’s Kitchen.

    succession plan

  24. tale of the tape

    Defendants Freed, Jury Dismissed as Manhattan DA Evidence Woes Deepen

    Several bribery cases prosecuted by Cy Vance Jr.’s office are unraveling in the face of allegations a top deputy withheld key evidence.

    tale of the tape

  25. making waves

    NYC Ferry’s a No-Go at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

    “Safety issues” over big and small boats sharing space will lead to a move to the far side of Empire Outlets. Meanwhile, Sunset Park gets a new dock.

    making waves

  26. tale of the tape

    Top Vance Prosecutor Accused of Misleading Judge Over Withheld Evidence

    Diana Florence, who quit amid allegations she sat on a tape that impugned her star witness, knew of the recording in 2016, a defense attorney charged.

    tale of the tape

  27. tale of the tape

    Vance Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Evidence Offers Defense

    Diana Florence tells court a mistake was made — but denied purposely sitting on tape that damaged star witness’ credibility in bribery cases.

    tale of the tape

  28. tale of the tape

    A Top Prosecutor in Manhattan DA Vance’s Office Accused of Hiding Evidence

    Construction fraud-buster Diana Florence leaves post after allegations she withheld damaging recording of star witness in bribery cases.

    tale of the tape

  29. prosecution rests?

    Manhattan DA Vance Stumbles in Campaign Cash Race as He Mulls Re-Run

    Cy Vance’s opponents called for his resignation over sex crime case. He defended his office, but won’t say if he’ll seek reelection.

    prosecution rests?

  30. checked out

    Background Backlog Leaves Students Without After-Care, Special Ed. Teachers

    A massive backlog of background check requests to New York City’s Department of Health means many teachers are sitting and waiting to work.

    checked out

  31. tale of two cities

    Mayor’s Affordable Housing Program Struggles to Integrate New Yorkers by Income

    Our analysis shows most new affordable housing is concentrated in poorest neighborhoods. Meanwhile, middle-income apartments go to wealthier areas.

    tale of two cities

  32. homelessness

    NYC’s Biggest Shelter Plagued by Asbestos and Other Dangers

    Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter, which houses up to 850 homeless, is rife with code violations that include fire safety hazards, records show.


  33. pier pressure

    Future of West Side Piers Hazy as Cuomo Pushes for Action

    The governor wants a sketched plan for Pier 40 and Pier 76 from the Hudson River Park Trust by May. What that may look like is anyone’s guess.

    pier pressure

  34. public safety

    As City Vows New Facade Crackdown, Old Violations Leave Buildings ‘Unsafe’

    More than 300 buildings — including the “Gossip Girl” hotel — lack safety measures following failed inspections, city records show.

    public safety

  35. reading

    These Moms Couldn’t Find Schools for Dyslexia, So They Want to Start Their Own

    Four mothers who have faced reading challenges with their kids are vying to open a public elementary school of their own in Manhattan.


  36. where are they now?

    Catching Up With New Yorkers You Met in THE CITY

    Here’s the latest on some folks who lived tales of hope, adversity and change during an eventful 2019. They have more stories to tell.

    where are they now?

  37. a second look

    A Year in the Life of THE CITY — in Photos

    Check out our month-by-month collection of pictures capturing scenes of New York — a city where even the ordinary shines through the right lens.

    a second look

  38. community power

    Judge Nixes Inwood Rezoning, Siding With Locals Against Mayoral Building Plan

    Decision requires the city to reboot neighborhood review with consideration of local concerns — including potential tenant displacement.

    community power

  39. community boards

    Embattled Community Board Leader Steps Aside After Bias Case

    Richard Lewis withdrew from the chairmanship of Manhattan Community Board 12 following an investigation that found he displayed gender bias.

    community boards

  40. juvenile justice

    What Happens When a Kid Is Charged With a Felony Murder?

    A 13-year-old arrested in connection with the stabbing death of Tessa Majors faces a juvenile justice system that aspires to rehabilitate.

    juvenile justice

  41. housing

    Tenants Sue for Repairs at Embattled East Side Public Housing Complexes

    Residents of the Holmes and Isaacs Towers in Yorkville want a judge to correct “years of neglect,” while NYCHA mulls selling air rights to raise cash.


  42. housing

    Seniors Fight Homeless Charity Pushing Them Out on Street

    Council Speaker Corey Johnson and others vow to aid elderly in the Hell’s Kitchen residence run by a nonprofit tied to pet food magnate Leonard Stern.


  43. housing

    Manhattan Seniors Pushed Out as Building Goes Up for Sale

    Amid a housing crisis for elderly New Yorkers, reps for The Riverview in Hell’s Kitchen says it couldn’t find seniors to fill the 80-unit building.


  44. out of line

    Mob Looted Tax-Break Towers Rising Along The High Line: Feds

    The Gambino crime family inflated bills for work on a Chelsea condo complex with a $25m penthouse — and a $1.5m tax credit, prosecutors allege.

    out of line

  45. a new battle

    Veterans Vulnerable as Trump Threatens Food Aid for 70,000 New Yorkers

    New Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program work requirements also could end exemptions for The Bronx, Upper Manhattan and southeast Queens.

    a new battle

  46. children

    Access to Child Services Linked to Race, Neighborhood and Income, Analysis Finds

    Analysis of data obtained by Measure of America and THE CITY finds kids in South Bronx and Harlem least likely to get Early Intervention evaluations.


  47. health

    Detox Units Closing at All 11 NYC-Run Hospitals

    Patients going through difficult process of weaning off drugs and alcohol will be steered back to overworked emergency rooms, THE CITY has learned.


  48. class action

    Wall Street Rent Fight Spurs New Class-Action Suit as Landlord Seeks SCOTUS Help

    Tenants in a big Financial District apartment building are pushing for rent-stabilized leases they say are owed in exchange for a tax break.

    class action

  49. curb appeal

    Landlord Looks to Supreme Court in Downtown Rent Overcharge Fight

    Lawyers for Clipper Equity have asked the high court to review a June ruling by the NYS Court of Appeals, which found tenants were due rebates.

    curb appeal

  50. conflict resolution

    Manhattan Community Board Leader Cited for Gender Bias

    Borough President Gale Brewer’s office found Richard Lewis removed women from leadership roles. But he’s not going anywhere.

    conflict resolution

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