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  1. art

    Struggle in 17 Syllables: Essential Workers Write COVID Haiku

    Domestic workers, cabbies, subway clerks and others who keep the city going are channeling their creativity through online writers workshops.


  2. making history

    NYC Cultural Institutions Preserve Pandemic Memories in Real Time

    Libraries, universities and historical societies are doing the early anthropology and archaeology of the coronavirus era via oral histories and more.

    making history

  3. last stop

    NYC Subway Late Night Closure Throws Some Riders Off Track

    The shuttering of the subways from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. left people who rely on the system to get to work or to take shelter scrambling.

    last stop

  4. life

    ‘No Relief in Sight’: Court Delays Cause Money Woes for Families of NYC Deceased

    People who’ve lost loved ones amid the pandemic are unable to settle their relatives’ estates while courts halt all but “essential” proceedings.


  5. virtual nuptials

    Here’s to the Bride and Zoom: NYC Couples Opt for Online Weddings in Pandemic

    Gov. Cuomo’s executive order allowing video weddings prompts some city lovebirds to scrap plans and say ‘I do’ online to avoid virus risks.

    virtual nuptials

  6. faq

    New Yorkers’ Coronavirus Questions, Answered by THE CITY

    Do I have to pay rent? Are homemade masks helpful? What’s up with the federal stimulus? We tackle readers’ questions on getting through the pandemic.


  7. expecting changes

    Moms Left to Fend Alone in Maternity Wards, Despite Cuomo Order

    Advocates demand clarity after hospitals refuse to let birthing partners be present for early labor and during postpartum recovery amid virus crisis.

    expecting changes

  8. supreme court

    DACA Recipients Brace for a World Without Legal Status

    Undocumented New Yorkers brought to the U.S. as children prepare as SCOTUS determines the fate of “Dreamers” in times made more uncertain by COVID.

    supreme court

  9. recovery

    He Was on a Ventilator for 10 Days and Beat the Odds. His Sister Did Not

    Bradley Hunt spent his 52nd birthday fighting for his life at North Central Bronx Hospital. Now, he’s on the mend at home, with a long recovery ahead.


  10. final planning

    COVID Spurs Will-Writing Boost, But Not for Most Vulnerable

    Lawyers report an uptick in end-of-life directives among some New Yorkers — but not among the elderly and infirm who may need planning documents most.

    final planning

  11. spreading the word

    Harlem Anti-Violence Group Takes COVID Warnings to Streets

    Group that normally coaches young people to avoid violence is now using similar tactics to help them steer clear of deadly coronavirus.

    spreading the word

  12. faq

    You’ve Gotten Over COVID-19. Now What? A Post-Virus Guide

    When should isolation end? How do antibody tests work? And should New Yorkers donate plasma? THE CITY tackles your coronavirus recovery questions.


  13. making history

    ‘What’s Safe to Do?’: NYC Museums Grapple with Preserving COVID-19 Artifacts

    NYC’s archivists and curators are figuring out how best to chronicle coronavirus history without putting the public — or themselves — at risk.

    making history

  14. work

    In a Hungry City on Pause, Grocery Workers Take Stock and Press On

    Employee shortages, long lines and lots of Lysol are signs of changing times for the essential staffers at one Queens grocery store.


  15. homelessness

    No Virus Tracking for Homeless People on Streets and Subways

    Four people who live outside of shelters tested positive for coronavirus after visiting drop-in centers. But no one is keeping tabs on 3,200 others.


  16. life

    Neighborhood on Edge Surrounds Elmhurst Hospital at Center of Surge

    For those who live near the city-run medical center wracked by coronavirus deaths in the borough with the most cases, anxiety is in the air.


  17. life

    How Coronavirus is Upending New York City’s Restaurant World

    The uncertainty roiling the iconic bar and dining scene is shaking up owners and their employees, who rely on wages and tips to make a living.