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  1. safety

    Federal Health Authorities Warn Against Dispersing Homeless Without Refuge

    CDC guidance challenges busing scores of people from subways to group shelters, as Council and mayor square off over expanding use of hotel rooms.


  2. sheltered

    Some NYC Homeless Practice Social Distancing in Hotels, With Help from Donors

    Advocates raise funds for hotel rooms for two dozen people, raising awareness of need for thousands more isolation spaces for homeless New Yorkers.


  3. homelessness

    A Lonely Life for the Isolated Residents of the City’s Coronavirus Hotels

    “Nobody’s in the hallways. Nobody’s talking. Nobody will come into the room,” says a homeless woman quarantined at a Queens hotel.


  4. isolation

    New York City Shuttles Homeless and Other Virus Patients to Hotels

    Officials line up 500 rooms to isolate shelter residents and public hospital patients with nowhere to go. But hotel workers won’t get masks.


  5. running bill

    City OKed Hotel Plan After Developer Hosted de Blasio Fundraiser

    The hotel plan, which dates to 2017, was approved days after Michael Cheng and associates brought in big bucks for de Blasio’s PAC, records show.

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