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  1. health

    Bronx Residents Twice as Likely to Die From COVID-19 in NYC

    People in the borough ranked last in state on diabetes, asthma and more are at highest risk of succumbing to coronavirus illness, city stats show.


  2. shelter

    Cast Adrift by the Virus, the Newly Homeless Seek a Place to Recover

    Ejection of people with COVID-19 into the streets echoes 1980s AIDS crisis, advocates say. Meanwhile, the city struggles to find them space to heal.


  3. coronavirus

    Hospitals Leave Some Patients Who Don’t Speak English Without Proper Care

    Even in normal times, those whose first language isn’t English often have worse health outcomes and can struggle to gain access to interpreters.


  4. helping hands

    How Can I Donate Supplies to New York Hospitals in Need?

    New Yorkers with masks, gloves and other equipment reached out to us for guidance on how to get them to medical workers. Here’s what we learned.

    helping hands

  5. life

    Neighborhood on Edge Surrounds Elmhurst Hospital at Center of Surge

    For those who live near the city-run medical center wracked by coronavirus deaths in the borough with the most cases, anxiety is in the air.


  6. health

    New Yorkers Flock to ERs Despite Urgent Warnings to Stay Away Even if Sick

    City health statistics show a sixfold surge of emergency room visits for residents of Elmhurst, Sunset Park and the eastern Bronx.


  7. expecting changes

    Home Births in Demand as Hospitals Shut Partners Out of NYC Delivery Rooms

    As hospitals limit who can be with delivering mothers to curb coronavirus spread, some families approaching due dates look to midwives and doulas.

    expecting changes

  8. hospitals

    One in Four NYC Hospital Coronavirus Patients Is Under Age 50

    Medical staff see wave of people in 20s and 30s seriously afflicted by coronavirus. Meanwhile, most of the fatalities so far are over 65 and male.


  9. hospitals

    Trained Operators for Coronavirus Patient Ventilators Scarce in New York

    Fewer breathing machine therapists and technicians than in all but one state in the U.S. as a share of population — “we just don’t have enough.”


  10. hospital beds

    Brooklyn Hospitals’ Planned Shrinkage Paused to Tackle Coronavirus

    Cuts averted at Crown Heights facility as services boosted at nearby hospital amid looming shortage of ICU beds, ventilators and medical staff.

    hospital beds

  11. emergency plea

    Queens Candidates’ Life or Death Call for More Trauma Care

    Borough president hopefuls speak out after our team report reveals gunshot victims are more likely to die the farther they are from a trauma hospital.

    emergency plea

  12. special report

    Gunshot Victims Have Highest Chance of Dying in Queens

    Data indicates distance to a trauma center plays a life-or-death role. There’s only one trauma center in southern Queens, and it’s struggling.

    special report