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  1. health

    Brooklyn Field Hospital Shuts After $21 Million Construction — and Zero Patients

    City hired Texas contractor to transform Brooklyn Cruise Terminal into a 670-bed COVID-crisis center that opened and closed within weeks, unused.


  2. health

    Early Precautions Draw a Life-and-Death Divide Between Flushing and Corona

    Two Queens neighborhoods share a park, poverty, immigration and active workers in common. But one is seeing far fewer COVID cases than the other.


  3. tally rally

    Counting the Ways New York is Getting Creative With Promoting the Census

    With the in-person approach no longer viable, outreach efforts are being re-aimed to inspire participation through unexpected tactics.

    tally rally

  4. running bill

    City OKed Hotel Plan After Developer Hosted de Blasio Fundraiser

    The hotel plan, which dates to 2017, was approved days after Michael Cheng and associates brought in big bucks for de Blasio’s PAC, records show.

    running bill

  5. caveat motor

    No Cars Allowed: Community Boards Get New Funding Boost, With Warning

    New city budget includes another $42,500 for all 59 community boards — this time with vehicle purchases banned after Brooklyn SUV fiasco.

    caveat motor