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  1. education

    How NYC Parents are Working to Keep Their Kids Socializing

    Goodbye playgrounds, hello virtual debate and book clubs: Zoom meetings offer those on the connected side of the digital divide a welcome distraction.


  2. education

    CUNY Online Learning Scramble Heightens Stress for Students and Faculty

    Classes delayed a second time as colleges hand out up to 30,000 laptops to students who lack the tech to participate in remote learning.


  3. schools

    Cable Companies Relent After Pulling Internet Plug on Some Students

    Spectrum and Optimum will allow families with past unpaid bills to get free service so kids can join remote learning, following Chalkbeat report.


  4. schools

    Mayor Slams Cable Companies for Denying Some Students Free Internet

    Providers offered service to help low-income students get in on remote learning. But they pulled the plug on some over past unpaid bills.


  5. food insecurity

    Plan in Works to Expand Free NYC School Meals to Adults, Too

    With demand among students lower than expected, de Blasio eyes giving out food to others for the asking. But food workers are demanding protection.

    food insecurity

  6. sudden move

    CUNY Students Pushed Out of Dorms for Emergency Medical Space

    Students are being kicked out at CSI, Hunter and City colleges to make way for “medical emergency centers” in the fight against coronavirus.

    sudden move

  7. visas

    Immigration Change Leaves Language School Students in Limbo Amid Crisis

    The LISMA school lost a key federal certification, putting visa-holders at risk. Now, students are scrambling as city shuts down for coronavirus.


  8. education

    Many NYC Public School Students Still Without Computers as Remote Classes Start

    Education Dept. officials acknowledged that it could take weeks before all kids have the technology needed to communicate with their teachers.


  9. testing patience

    Kids and Parents at Bronx Schools Hit by Coronavirus Wait Anxiously for Guidance

    Days after a teacher tested positive, there’s still no word to families on what they should do now that class is dismissed for at least five weeks.

    testing patience

  10. education

    With NYC Schools Closed, Parents Become Reluctant Homeschoolers

    Parents were grappling with what role they’re expected to play in their kids’ remote education while balancing other demands amid coronavirus crisis.


  11. education

    What You Should Know About NYC’s Plan to Shutter Schools

    The country’s largest school system announced it would be closing its doors this week to help stem the spread of the deadly new coronavirus.


  12. special education

    Parents of Special Education Students Fear Service Lapses with School Closures

    Coronavirus-driven hiatus could mean regression if mandated therapy services aren’t provided, say parents, who are also scrambling for childcare.

    special education

  13. education

    NYC Public School Coronavirus Closure Sets Term on Uncertain Path

    As many details remained unclear, officials addressed a few key concerns — including feeding student who rely on schools for meals.


  14. health

    School Officials Say: Don’t Report Coronavirus Symptoms to Health Department

    Before closing two Bronx schools over student infection, memo warned staff not to notify front-line epidemic response agency about suspected cases.


  15. health

    NYC Public School Teacher Reveals Week of Hell Over Coronavirus Scare

    Erin McCarthy was refused test after Italy trip. Then some colleagues turned on her. She finally tested negative, but her life is forever changed.


  16. health

    City Officials Scramble on Coronavirus Testing for Teachers

    Teachers union boss faults Health Dept. “holdup” as de Blasio mandates coronavirus testing for teachers and other key workers who visited hot zones.


  17. health

    Kids Spent Days in Class With City Teacher Now Showing Coronavirus Signs

    Symptoms followed the teacher’s vacation in Italy, THE CITY has learned. Meanwhile, the union reports four more members sick after traveling abroad.


  18. education

    As Special Ed Complaints Mount, NY Seeks More Presiding Officers

    State education officials have proposed changes to rules about who can preside over special education complaint cases.


  19. education

    What Should It Take to Graduate High School in New York?

    The state Board of Regents on Wednesday kicked off a two-year process of rethinking diploma requirements with the first of 11 forums in the city.


  20. the bloomberg way

    A Quick Study on Mike Bloomberg’s Education Record as Mayor

    Chalkbeat reviewed of dozens of studies on the impact of the Democrat presidential candidate’s New York City school policies. Here’s what they found.

    the bloomberg way

  21. a changing climate

    Earth Day Shouldn’t be Math Test Day, NYC Students Say

    More than two dozen lawmakers are asking the state education department to reschedule the exam so kids can join Earth Day 50th anniversary rallies.

    a changing climate

  22. class action

    Special Education Complaint Delays Spark Federal Lawsuit

    State and city education officials have “acted with deliberate or reckless indifference” to students’ plight, parents charge in class action case.

    class action

  23. education

    What NYC’s Departing Special Education Chief Learned on the Job

    Corinne Rello-Anselmi oversaw a shift toward including students with disabilities in mainstream classes, a process some schools struggled to embrace.


  24. education

    Brownsville Parents Transform Local Supermarkets Into Kid Learning Zones

    Two Brooklyn groceries host scavenger hunts to stimulate young brains, using a new character: Blake the Bumblebee. Parents hope to expand the program.


  25. race and class

    Last Teacher Standing Is Going It Alone in Federal Racism Suit Against DOE

    Lisa-Erika James is the only remaining faculty member in a years-old racial discrimination lawsuit against the city that goes to trial Wednesday.

    race and class

  26. education

    Why Your Child’s Birth Month Matters in NYC School Assessments

    NYC students born in November and December are classified with learning disabilities at higher rates, suggesting a disadvantage for youngest in class.


  27. education

    New York City Has a New Special Education Chief

    A 17-year veteran of the education department, Christina Foti is now responsible for some 230,000 students classified as having special needs.


  28. education

    Two Brooklyn Schools Set to ‘Merge’ for Integration, Space

    Fort Greene’s popular lottery-based school Arts & Letters is set to move into PS 305, an under-enrolled school in Bed-Stuy.


  29. education

    Some Yeshivas Defying City Push to Boost Secular Studies

    Jewish schools in Brooklyn missed a Department of Education deadline to provide detailed plans to improve non-religious instruction.


  30. checked out

    Background Backlog Leaves Students Without After-Care, Special Ed. Teachers

    A massive backlog of background check requests to New York City’s Department of Health means many teachers are sitting and waiting to work.

    checked out

  31. education

    Find Your NYC School’s 2019 Graduation Rate

    City students graduated at a record high last school year. Chalkbeat made a searchable database to find any public or charter school graduation rate.


  32. bill's bills

    Mayor’s $95.3 Billion Proposed Budget Adds Costs, Not Programs

    Despite no new big-ticket items, Bill de Blasio’s no-frills fiscal plan piles on $3.1 billion personnel and other costs as state money woes loom.

    bill's bills

  33. immigration

    Some Undocumented Students Find Letdown at End of NY DREAM Act Rainbow

    The NY DREAM Act opened college help to undocumented students. But the confusing process ended with unexpected — and unexplained — bad news for some.


  34. schools

    State Could Ease Requirements for Officers Hearing Special Education Cases

    To help clear over 10,000 backlogged cases, New York state officials are considering eliminating requirement of law license — and upping pay.


  35. education

    New Dyslexia Risk Screening at Two Brooklyn Schools — For $2,000

    Teachers assessing all first- and second-graders to identify learning challenges gets trial run, after bill to impose statewide testing stalled.


  36. reading

    These Moms Couldn’t Find Schools for Dyslexia, So They Want to Start Their Own

    Four mothers who have faced reading challenges with their kids are vying to open a public elementary school of their own in Manhattan.


  37. teachable moments

    Amid Spree of Hate Crimes, City Looks to Past Offenders for Mentorship

    The de Blasio administration is considering recruiting those who committed anti-Semitic crimes as teens to teach young people to do the right thing.

    teachable moments

  38. where are they now?

    Catching Up With New Yorkers You Met in THE CITY

    Here’s the latest on some folks who lived tales of hope, adversity and change during an eventful 2019. They have more stories to tell.

    where are they now?

  39. top tips

    New Yorkers Shared News Tips With Us. Here’s How We Responded

    Listening to our readers is a big part of what THE CITY does. Here are some stories that came through the tip line in 2019.

    top tips

  40. study text

    Five Years Later, Schools Still Struggling With de Blasio’s Cell Phone Policy

    Nearly five years after the city education department lifted a ban on cell phones, schools across are still grappling with what to do about them.

    study text

  41. race and class

    Case of Queens Principal Accused of Racism Pits Feds Against City DOE

    Seven years after alleged discrimination and retaliation, teachers who worked at an Elmhurst high school seek closure and justice in upcoming trial.

    race and class

  42. child victims act

    Poly Prep Coach Sexually Assaulted Student, Lawsuit Alleges

    Tennis coach William Martire was sued Thursday under the Child Victims Act for allegedly sexual assault of a student during the 1980s.

    child victims act

  43. education

    Mayor Knew About Delay of Damning Yeshiva Report, Probe Finds

    City investigators say City Hall engaged in “political horse trading” during yeshiva review, but de Blasio was cleared of any wrongdoing.


  44. education

    Teacher Coaches Push Small Gains in Student Achievement, Study Shows

    Education experts had varied reactions to the report, which also noted that not all teachers and administrators are working well with the coaches.


  45. education

    Two Brooklyn Schools Prepare for Merger That Would Further Student Integration

    As other desegregation battles flare, Fort Greene’s Arts & Letters aims to fold into Bed-Stuy’s PS 305 to reduce crowding and boost diversity.


  46. schools

    State Regents Board Seeks $2 Billion Education Funding Boost

    Education policymakers cast a final vote on the ask Tuesday, but expect the amount the governor actually gives to school spending to be much less.


  47. race and class

    Queens Parents Bristle at School District’s Path to Diversity Plan

    A contentious meeting in Jamaica highlights broad community opposition to education officials’ citywide effort to better integrate middle schools.

    race and class

  48. children

    Access to Child Services Linked to Race, Neighborhood and Income, Analysis Finds

    Analysis of data obtained by Measure of America and THE CITY finds kids in South Bronx and Harlem least likely to get Early Intervention evaluations.


  49. education

    Small Set of City Hearing Officers Deluged With Special Ed Complaints

    As of last month, 12 hearing officers alone were handling a combined caseload of 5,065 — more than half the citywide total.


  50. education

    Find Out How Much Your School’s PTA Raises

    Data released for the first time Monday lays bare funding disparities between schools in wealthy neighborhoods and those in low-income ones.


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