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  1. health

    Bronx Residents Twice as Likely to Die From COVID-19 in NYC

    People in the borough ranked last in state on diabetes, asthma and more are at highest risk of succumbing to coronavirus illness, city stats show.


  2. coronavirus

    State Prisoners Punished for Wearing Masks as City Jails OK Them

    Two people behind bars in separate upstate facilities were cited for wearing makeshift masks. Meanwhile, now everyone will get them at Rikers Island.


  3. the price is wrong

    In Desperation, New York Pays Up to 15 Times Normal Prices for Medical Equipment

    State data shows that New York is paying enormous markups for vital supplies, including almost $250,000 for an X-ray machine.

    the price is wrong

  4. work

    Environmental Protection Workers Told to Return to Office After Colleague Dies

    Staffers at the city environmental agency’s Queens HQ say they believe their lives are in danger after eight employee coronavirus cases — one fatal.


  5. homelessness

    A Lonely Life for the Isolated Residents of the City’s Coronavirus Hotels

    “Nobody’s in the hallways. Nobody’s talking. Nobody will come into the room,” says a homeless woman quarantined at a Queens hotel.


  6. immigration

    Man Detained by ICE in Violent Brooklyn Raid Is Free Pending Deportation Hearing

    Gaspar Avendaño-Hernández was the target of a raid in which his girlfriend’s son was shot. A federal judge has released him on coronavirus concerns.


  7. paramedics

    First Responder Worried About Her EMS Friend Now Also Hospitalized

    FDNY paramedic battles pneumonia as her pal remains in ICU. “I am extremely tired,” Sherry Singleton texted from her hospital bed.


  8. work

    Worried Cleaners Take Front Line Positions in Fight Against Virus

    With jobs disappearing and money tight, cleaners are braving exposure to the coronavirus to feed their families.


  9. education

    How NYC Parents are Working to Keep Their Kids Socializing

    Goodbye playgrounds, hello virtual debate and book clubs: Zoom meetings offer those on the connected side of the digital divide a welcome distraction.


  10. covid-19

    Queens Neighborhoods Hardest Hit by Virus Home to Many Service Workers

    Jackson Heights, Corona and Elmhurst — home to many New Yorkers keeping the city going amid pause — record biggest concentration of cases, stats show.


  11. transit

    MTA Employee Virus Hotline Bolstered After Crush of Calls

    Transit agency brings in 200 more operators. But subway and bus workers say their coronavirus concerns aren’t being followed up on quickly enough.


  12. shelter

    Cast Adrift by the Virus, the Newly Homeless Seek a Place to Recover

    Ejection of people with COVID-19 into the streets echoes 1980s AIDS crisis, advocates say. Meanwhile, the city struggles to find them space to heal.


  13. clean break

    ‘Essential’ Laundromats Under Strain as NYC’s Wash Culture Shifts

    Laundries are closing or cutting hours. Workers are falling ill. And New Yorkers without washers are learning how to clean clothes during an outbreak.

    clean break

  14. prisons

    Call for Cuomo to Free Ailing Prisoners as Virus Spreads

    Legal Aid lawyers cite a handful of vulnerable, inmates dealing with cancer, diabetes and more as prime candidates for immediate release.


  15. coronavirus

    Hospitals Leave Some Patients Who Don’t Speak English Without Proper Care

    Even in normal times, those whose first language isn’t English often have worse health outcomes and can struggle to gain access to interpreters.


  16. work

    Construction on City Hospital Back Offices Goes On After Cuomo Work Halt

    New Manhattan administrative space for New York City Health + Hospitals has been deemed an “essential” exception to the governor’s “pause” order.


  17. homelessness

    Too Close for Comfort Inside NYC’s Biggest Homeless Shelter

    Coronavirus cases grow in shelters across the city where most guards still don’t have masks. The 30th Street Men’s Shelter offers a troubling picture.


  18. work

    Civil Servants Seek Line-of-Duty Death Benefits for Coronavirus Cases

    Fight evoking 9/11 first responders’ health battle begins to get enhanced pension payouts for families of a wide range of workers felled by COVID-19.


  19. need to know

    April’s Rent Is Due But I’ve Lost Income. What Are My Options?

    New York has an eviction moratorium, but what does that mean for paying rent? And what’s this talk about a freeze? Here’s what tenants need to know.

    need to know

  20. juvenile justice

    Mayor Hails Releases From Juvenile Detention, Yet Most Remain as Virus Hits

    Big reductions in youth facility populations announced by de Blasio apply only to lowest-level offenders, even as kids contract coronavirus.

    juvenile justice

  21. transit

    MTA’s Pandemic Preparations Not Running as Planned, Union Charges

    The transit agency’s 2012 disaster plan, obtained by THE CITY, calls for stockpiles of gloves, masks and wipes that workers say they’re not getting.


  22. education

    CUNY Online Learning Scramble Heightens Stress for Students and Faculty

    Classes delayed a second time as colleges hand out up to 30,000 laptops to students who lack the tech to participate in remote learning.


  23. health

    Lysoling the Doorbell: NYC Home Health Aides Take No Chances

    Wiping door knobs. Dressing “like a Martian.” Those are some of the steps workers are taking to make sure they and their elderly clients stay safe.


  24. helping hands

    How Can I Donate Supplies to New York Hospitals in Need?

    New Yorkers with masks, gloves and other equipment reached out to us for guidance on how to get them to medical workers. Here’s what we learned.

    helping hands

  25. work

    In a Hungry City on Pause, Grocery Workers Take Stock and Press On

    Employee shortages, long lines and lots of Lysol are signs of changing times for the essential staffers at one Queens grocery store.


  26. health

    New York Nursing Homes Struggle to Defend Against Coronavirus

    Sick and elderly people in group residences make up 15% of NYS COVID-19 deaths — yet those who care for them are short on tests and protective gear.


  27. homelessness

    No Virus Tracking for Homeless People on Streets and Subways

    Four people who live outside of shelters tested positive for coronavirus after visiting drop-in centers. But no one is keeping tabs on 3,200 others.


  28. elections

    Election Punt to June Leaves Candidates for Vacant Political Seats Seeking Grip

    Cuomo order postpones Brooklyn City Council election to June 23 while the contest for Queens borough president remains up in the air.


  29. families

    State Says Hospitals Must Allow One Support Person in for Childbirth

    New policy counters some medical centers’ refusal to allow even family members to be present as coronavirus precaution.


  30. faq

    New Yorkers’ Coronavirus Questions, Answered by THE CITY

    Do I have to pay rent? Are homemade masks helpful? What’s up with the federal stimulus? We tackle readers’ questions on getting through the pandemic.


  31. pitching in

    Help THE CITY Report on Coronavirus While New York is on PAUSE

    Send us your tips, questions and experiences on everything from health care battles to navigating daily life. Your input will help drive our coverage.

    pitching in

  32. health

    Hospitals Nearing ICU Bed Limits as COVID-19 Surges in NYC

    New York City is in a race against time to set up enough beds for the sickest coronavirus patients. As of Thursday, 307 ICU beds were available.


  33. health

    Three Out of Four Young NYC Coronavirus Fatalities Had Medical Conditions

    Some 20 New Yorkers under 45 have died of COVID-19. Fifteen of them had pre-existing health woes. The rates of pre-existing conditions rises with age.


  34. transit

    Motorman’s Death in Subway Fire Adds to Transit Worker Fears

    Coronavirus deaths of two MTA employees, increasingly desolate stations amid a ridership plunge and people on the tracks are rattling train workers.


  35. schools

    Cable Companies Relent After Pulling Internet Plug on Some Students

    Spectrum and Optimum will allow families with past unpaid bills to get free service so kids can join remote learning, following Chalkbeat report.


  36. work

    Cuomo Calls Off ‘Non-Essential’ Construction Statewide

    After outcry from workers and job sites impacted by coronavirus, governor nixes most residential and commercial building projects in New York.


  37. life

    Neighborhood on Edge Surrounds Elmhurst Hospital at Center of Surge

    For those who live near the city-run medical center wracked by coronavirus deaths in the borough with the most cases, anxiety is in the air.


  38. health

    New Yorkers Flock to ERs Despite Urgent Warnings to Stay Away Even if Sick

    City health statistics show a sixfold surge of emergency room visits for residents of Elmhurst, Sunset Park and the eastern Bronx.


  39. schools

    Mayor Slams Cable Companies for Denying Some Students Free Internet

    Providers offered service to help low-income students get in on remote learning. But they pulled the plug on some over past unpaid bills.


  40. food insecurity

    Plan in Works to Expand Free NYC School Meals to Adults, Too

    With demand among students lower than expected, de Blasio eyes giving out food to others for the asking. But food workers are demanding protection.

    food insecurity

  41. work

    NYC Paramedic Battles ‘Paranoia and Anxiety’ as Coworker Fights COVID in ICU

    FDNY EMS responder Sherry Singleton works long hours aiding coronavirus patients as work friend Christell Cadet battles for her life on a ventilator.


  42. expecting changes

    Home Births in Demand as Hospitals Shut Partners Out of NYC Delivery Rooms

    As hospitals limit who can be with delivering mothers to curb coronavirus spread, some families approaching due dates look to midwives and doulas.

    expecting changes

  43. overcrowding

    Subway Workers Say They’re Packed Too Tight in Terminal Break Rooms

    New York City Transit employees are having a tough time staying the recommended six feet away from each other in terminal common areas.


  44. isolation

    New York City Shuttles Homeless and Other Virus Patients to Hotels

    Officials line up 500 rooms to isolate shelter residents and public hospital patients with nowhere to go. But hotel workers won’t get masks.


  45. juvenile justice

    Teens Sue to Exit Detention Centers As Coronavirus Closes In

    Legal Aid demands release of juvenile delinquents in face of “risk of serious medical harm,” saying social isolation is “effectively impossible.”

    juvenile justice

  46. immigrants

    ICE Raids Continue in Staten Island Despite Global Pandemic

    As New York City shuts down in almost every other way, federal immigration enforcement officials are still picking people up.


  47. health

    Queens Public Hospital at ‘Center of Crisis’ as Coronavirus Deaths Mount

    Two dozen doctors and nurses were added Wednesday after a spike in COVID-19 deaths at Elmhurst Hospital, which has been deluged with patients.


  48. helping hands

    To Fight Mask Shortage, Motorcycle Fleet Rolls Donations to Doctors

    The New York chapter of Masks for Docs is up and running. Their first mission brought in a cache of safety supplies from Montauk.

    helping hands

  49. sudden move

    CUNY Students Pushed Out of Dorms for Emergency Medical Space

    Students are being kicked out at CSI, Hunter and City colleges to make way for “medical emergency centers” in the fight against coronavirus.

    sudden move

  50. coronavirus

    Frontline NYC Medical Staffers Describe Daily Battle at Struggling Hospitals

    They’re scrambling to make do with shrinking resources as the patient apex nears. “I am most worried I will get sick and die,” one Bronx doctor said.


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