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  1. immigration

    Man Detained by ICE in Violent Brooklyn Raid Is Free Pending Deportation Hearing

    Gaspar Avendaño-Hernández was the target of a raid in which his girlfriend’s son was shot. A federal judge has released him on coronavirus concerns.


  2. elections

    Election Punt to June Leaves Candidates for Vacant Political Seats Seeking Grip

    Cuomo order postpones Brooklyn City Council election to June 23 while the contest for Queens borough president remains up in the air.


  3. expecting changes

    Home Births in Demand as Hospitals Shut Partners Out of NYC Delivery Rooms

    As hospitals limit who can be with delivering mothers to curb coronavirus spread, some families approaching due dates look to midwives and doulas.

    expecting changes

  4. work

    Brooklyn Cable Guy’s Diagnosis Raises Worry Virus Is One House Call Away

    Infected Optimum technician said he “didn’t feel safe” entering customers’ homes. Workers are calling on their companies to increase safety measures.


  5. coronavirus

    Letter Carriers Balk at Entering Brooklyn Post Office Over Coronavirus

    After a supervisor in Williamsburg tested positive for COVID-19, the U.S. Postal Service workers decided to pick up deliveries outside.


  6. health

    Still No Virus Test for Brooklyn Doctor, But Clearance to Work

    City tells physician he probably has coronavirus, but is no longer contagious. Meanwhile, a Queens doctor is reported hospitalized with COVID-19.


  7. hospital beds

    Brooklyn Hospitals’ Planned Shrinkage Paused to Tackle Coronavirus

    Cuts averted at Crown Heights facility as services boosted at nearby hospital amid looming shortage of ICU beds, ventilators and medical staff.

    hospital beds

  8. health

    Ailing Brooklyn Doctor Desperately Seeking Coronavirus Test

    “I could end up being the vector,” said the physician, whose case underscores the limits of testing capability as the virus spreads in the city.


  9. retail ripoff

    NYC Store Owners Say Suppliers Fuel Disinfectant Price Gouging

    Receipts from retailers show suppliers have jacked prices for cleaning products amid coronavirus fight. That’s illegal under consumer protection law.

    retail ripoff

  10. health

    As Symptoms Spread, Hasidic Leaders Sound the Alarm: ‘A Fire Is Burning’

    Many Brooklyn yeshivas have closed, but some synagogues are open. A rabbinical court told seniors to stay home. But some reportedly are already sick.


  11. justice

    Evictions and Trials Halted While Courts Defend Against Coronavirus

    Meanwhile, two community courthouses are being eyed as NYPD holding centers for arrested people suspected of having the COVID-19 illness.


  12. seniors

    New York Nursing Home Preparations Ramp Up as Coronavirus Concerns Grow

    Facilities that serve elderly are limiting visits, screening guests and canceling events after deaths in Washington state and a scare in Brooklyn.


  13. health care

    The Cost of Not Getting Tested for Coronavirus: a $10K ER Bill

    Teacher Erin McCarthy’s insurance company got hit with a $10,383 charge after she went to a Brooklyn emergency room and was refused testing for virus.

    health care

  14. health

    NYC Public School Teacher Reveals Week of Hell Over Coronavirus Scare

    Erin McCarthy was refused test after Italy trip. Then some colleagues turned on her. She finally tested negative, but her life is forever changed.


  15. noncompliant

    NYPD Stalls on Sharing Property Seizure Stats Required by City Law

    Police miss a March 1 report deadline on cars and other property taken from people arrested. One man told us his story of a lost phone and car.


  16. housing

    Harried East New York Homeowners Seek Ban on House Flippers

    Speculators’ rampant solicitations spur push for so-called cease-and-desist protection for the Brooklyn neighborhood. A hearing is set for this week.


  17. delays ahead

    Subway Signal Upgrade Spells Deja Vu Closures for Brooklyn F Train Riders

    The elevated line leading to Coney Island will shut down on weekends through December — following two years of closures at some of the same stations.

    delays ahead

  18. transit

    F Train’s Turn for Tunnel to Shut Down for Sandy Damage Fix

    The tube that carries the F train between Manhattan and Brooklyn will get $50 to $100 million worth of nights-and-weekends repairs next year.


  19. pay-per-use

    New Yorkers Still Confused on How Plastic Bag Ban Will Work

    With new law coming March 1, we found a supermarket hawking sacks made of thicker plastic. Meanwhile, shoppers and shopkeepers were girding for shift.


  20. just the ticket

    Success of LIRR Brooklyn-Queens Tix Renews Call for Citywide $2.75 Rail Fare

    The discount Atlantic Ticket, connecting Brooklyn and Queens via the LIRR, has drawn 2.3 million riders and shortened commutes. Next stop, everywhere?

    just the ticket

  21. rematch

    Two Pursue Primary Against GOP-Friendly Democratic Sen. Diane Savino

    Challengers hope to use the Staten Island and Brooklyn incumbent’s Republican coziness against her. But two years later, do voters still care?


  22. immigration

    Wounds Still Wide Open for Family of Erick Díaz-Cruz, Shot by ICE in Brooklyn

    While visitor from Mexico recovers, his mother doesn’t know when she’ll see her detained partner again. And she has a message for President Trump.


  23. fuel for thought

    Greenpointers Fire Back at Fracked Natural Gas Pipeline

    A 7-mile National Grid pipeline snaking from Brownsville to North Brooklyn has hit a wall of protest in Greenpoint, where a rally is planned Saturday.

    fuel for thought

  24. environment

    Coney Island NYC Ferry Site Could Dredge Up Toxins

    Mercury, PCBs, lead, dioxins and pesticides lurk in two possible Coney Island Creek dock locations, environmental impact documents show.


  25. down the line

    Utica Ave. Subway Extension Dream Gets a Brooklyn Boost

    Borough President Adams assembling task force to study 110-year-old proposal to serve transit desert after MTA put up millions to examine same idea.

    down the line

  26. need a lift

    Barclays Center Has Subway’s Worst Privately Owned Elevator

    The elevator at the bustling station functioned just 74% of the time in 2019, MTA records show. Its landlord is being called out in a new report.

    need a lift

  27. education

    Brownsville Parents Transform Local Supermarkets Into Kid Learning Zones

    Two Brooklyn groceries host scavenger hunts to stimulate young brains, using a new character: Blake the Bumblebee. Parents hope to expand the program.


  28. below market

    De Blasio’s Tiny Houses Plan for Apartments in Basements, Garages and Backyards

    City Hall’s plan would offer $150 million in low-interest loans to boost affordable housing and ease homeowner burdens by legalizing the dwellings.

    below market

  29. politics

    Bail Law Fuels GOP Challenge to Democratic Reformer in Brooklyn Swing District

    Southern Brooklyn State Sen. Andrew Gounardes faces at least one Republican betting that voters want a return to the tough-on-crime Marty Golden era.


  30. politics

    Race for Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke’s House Seat Spans Democratic Spectrum

    From DSA to MBA, six candidates — including Adem Bunkeddeko and Councilmember Chaim Deutsch — look to mobilize voters in a diverse district.


  31. making waves

    NYC Ferry’s a No-Go at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

    “Safety issues” over big and small boats sharing space will lead to a move to the far side of Empire Outlets. Meanwhile, Sunset Park gets a new dock.

    making waves

  32. education

    Two Brooklyn Schools Set to ‘Merge’ for Integration, Space

    Fort Greene’s popular lottery-based school Arts & Letters is set to move into PS 305, an under-enrolled school in Bed-Stuy.


  33. shopping block

    As Red Hook Workers Fret Over Fairway Fate, Residents Say Grocer Priced Poor Out

    The Brooklyn neighborhood transformed by the 2006 arrival of the now-bankrupt upscale market chain could see a major employer vanish.

    shopping block

  34. checked out

    Background Backlog Leaves Students Without After-Care, Special Ed. Teachers

    A massive backlog of background check requests to New York City’s Department of Health means many teachers are sitting and waiting to work.

    checked out

  35. present tense

    Beijing to Brooklyn ‘Friendship’ Arch Gift Collapses

    The present from China for Sunset Park, seven years in the making, falls victim to “geopolitical tensions,” Borough President Eric Adams says.

    present tense

  36. ny-9

    Two Congressional Hopefuls Sharing the Same Brooklyn Coworking Space

    Politics makes strange office-fellows. Isiah James and Alex Hubbard, long-shots in the NY-9 race, have headquarters just steps away from each other.


  37. battling hate

    Amid Hate Spike, A Crown Heights Leader Pleads: ‘We Have to Do Better’

    Richard Green helped bring residents together after the 1991 riots. As anti-Semitic incidents rise, he’s calling for resources — and understanding.

    battling hate

  38. education

    New Dyslexia Risk Screening at Two Brooklyn Schools — For $2,000

    Teachers assessing all first- and second-graders to identify learning challenges gets trial run, after bill to impose statewide testing stalled.


  39. housing

    NYCHA’s New Year’s Gift for Jilted Wife: An Eviction Notice

    A Gowanus Houses mother of two battles effort to eject her family from their Brooklyn home over back rent allegedly owed by her ex-husband, an ex-cop.


  40. mother nature

    Paws and Effect: A Menagerie of Creatures Creating Subway Delays

    Dogs, geese, possums and turkeys are among the virtual barnyard of on-the-loose animals that delayed 238 trains last year.

    mother nature

  41. rabid transit

    Nevins St. Subway Raccoon Captured, Set Free in Prospect Park

    The crafty critter known as Chepe eluded capture for months, only to succumb to the lure of chicken and plantains.

    rabid transit

  42. where are they now?

    Catching Up With New Yorkers You Met in THE CITY

    Here’s the latest on some folks who lived tales of hope, adversity and change during an eventful 2019. They have more stories to tell.

    where are they now?

  43. big challenge

    Greenpoint Activist Vies to Unseat 47-Year Incumbent Lentol

    With her Brooklyn Assembly run, community board member and environmental advocate Emily Gallagher joins wave of upstarts rattling entrenched pols.

    big challenge

  44. child victims act

    Poly Prep Coach Sexually Assaulted Student, Lawsuit Alleges

    Tennis coach William Martire was sued Thursday under the Child Victims Act for allegedly sexual assault of a student during the 1980s.

    child victims act

  45. losing streak

    Another ‘Worst Landlord’ Nod for Troubled Housing Group

    Tenants and contractor say Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corp. owes them big money as it sells buildings through bankruptcy.

    losing streak

  46. raising questions

    Max Rose’s Cross-Country Joint Fund Push Skirts Impeachment Talk

    New York City’s most vulnerable House Democrat joins high-profile California counterpart Katie Porter to raise money without mentioning Trump’s woes.

    raising questions

  47. education

    Two Brooklyn Schools Prepare for Merger That Would Further Student Integration

    As other desegregation battles flare, Fort Greene’s Arts & Letters aims to fold into Bed-Stuy’s PS 305 to reduce crowding and boost diversity.


  48. a new battle

    Veterans Vulnerable as Trump Threatens Food Aid for 70,000 New Yorkers

    New Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program work requirements also could end exemptions for The Bronx, Upper Manhattan and southeast Queens.

    a new battle

  49. house hunting

    Housing Bias Fight Carries on Case by Case While Citywide Response Waits

    “Where We Live NYC” project to fight racial and other discrimination approaches its second anniversary, while results are still under wraps.

    house hunting

  50. nypd

    Louima Cop Back on Public Payroll as a NYCHA Carpenter

    Charles Schwarz, convicted of perjury in the 1997 NYPD brutality case, works for the NYC Public Housing Authority, records show.


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