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  1. juvenile justice

    Mayor Hails Releases From Juvenile Detention, Yet Most Remain as Virus Hits

    Big reductions in youth facility populations announced by de Blasio apply only to lowest-level offenders, even as kids contract coronavirus.

    juvenile justice

  2. elections

    Election Punt to June Leaves Candidates for Vacant Political Seats Seeking Grip

    Cuomo order postpones Brooklyn City Council election to June 23 while the contest for Queens borough president remains up in the air.


  3. health

    Hospitals Nearing ICU Bed Limits as COVID-19 Surges in NYC

    New York City is in a race against time to set up enough beds for the sickest coronavirus patients. As of Thursday, 307 ICU beds were available.


  4. schools

    Cable Companies Relent After Pulling Internet Plug on Some Students

    Spectrum and Optimum will allow families with past unpaid bills to get free service so kids can join remote learning, following Chalkbeat report.


  5. schools

    Mayor Slams Cable Companies for Denying Some Students Free Internet

    Providers offered service to help low-income students get in on remote learning. But they pulled the plug on some over past unpaid bills.


  6. food insecurity

    Plan in Works to Expand Free NYC School Meals to Adults, Too

    With demand among students lower than expected, de Blasio eyes giving out food to others for the asking. But food workers are demanding protection.

    food insecurity

  7. isolation

    New York City Shuttles Homeless and Other Virus Patients to Hotels

    Officials line up 500 rooms to isolate shelter residents and public hospital patients with nowhere to go. But hotel workers won’t get masks.


  8. health

    Queens Public Hospital at ‘Center of Crisis’ as Coronavirus Deaths Mount

    Two dozen doctors and nurses were added Wednesday after a spike in COVID-19 deaths at Elmhurst Hospital, which has been deluged with patients.


  9. worker safety

    Construction Workers Still on Job Amid Coronavirus Concerns

    Cuomo deems construction an “essential” trade. But some laborers said they fear for their health when a positive test isn’t enough to shut a jobsite.

    worker safety

  10. health

    Still No Virus Test for Brooklyn Doctor, But Clearance to Work

    City tells physician he probably has coronavirus, but is no longer contagious. Meanwhile, a Queens doctor is reported hospitalized with COVID-19.


  11. education

    With NYC Schools Closed, Parents Become Reluctant Homeschoolers

    Parents were grappling with what role they’re expected to play in their kids’ remote education while balancing other demands amid coronavirus crisis.


  12. health

    Mask Shortage at Bellevue and Other City-Run Hospitals Alarms Staff

    There aren’t enough N95 masks, the best defense against coronavirus. Staffers say they’re being forced to reuse them or rely on less effective models.


  13. education

    What You Should Know About NYC’s Plan to Shutter Schools

    The country’s largest school system announced it would be closing its doors this week to help stem the spread of the deadly new coronavirus.


  14. education

    NYC Public School Coronavirus Closure Sets Term on Uncertain Path

    As many details remained unclear, officials addressed a few key concerns — including feeding student who rely on schools for meals.


  15. health

    Coronavirus Updates Slow to Reach NYC’s Non-Native English Speakers

    Notify NYC text alert service, which sends health and aid program advisories, are still English-only as critics say translation efforts lag.


  16. health

    How Can I Get Tested? And Other Coronavirus Questions…

    As New York officials scramble to increase testing, we have answers to some common questions about the local response to a global pandemic.


  17. health

    Mayor Takes Keep Calm and Carry On Approach to Coronavirus

    Public demonstrations of business-as-usual are emerging as a major theme of Bill de Blasio’s response to the evolving worldwide crisis.


  18. health

    NYC Public School Teacher Reveals Week of Hell Over Coronavirus Scare

    Erin McCarthy was refused test after Italy trip. Then some colleagues turned on her. She finally tested negative, but her life is forever changed.


  19. housing

    Hotel Shelter Operator Stiffed Homeless Families on Toilet Paper and Microwaves

    New filing submitted by a court-appointed receiver finds a host of failings at Childrens Community Services — including a 55% staff turnover rate.


  20. health

    City Officials Scramble on Coronavirus Testing for Teachers

    Teachers union boss faults Health Dept. “holdup” as de Blasio mandates coronavirus testing for teachers and other key workers who visited hot zones.


  21. thrivenyc

    Chirlane McCray’s ThriveNYC Mental Health Program Gets a Reboot

    New goals, fewer programs and a greater emphasis on people with serious mental illness are on tap for de Blasio’s wife’s much-criticized effort.


  22. counting on

    As Census Efforts Ramp Up, Coronavirus Fears Complicate the Game Plan

    Census forms for the big count will be sent out in two weeks and amid coronavirus worries following the city’s first diagnosis this weekend.

    counting on

  23. health care

    Meet Maximus, the Company Reaping Big Bucks From Budget-Busting Medicaid Surge

    Gov. Cuomo blames NYC for rising insurance rolls — while the state pays Virginia-based Maximus dearly to decide which poor people deserve costly care.

    health care

  24. housing

    Eviction Drop Fuels Push to Expand Free Housing Help for Low-Income NYC Tenants

    Citywide eviction rate fell 18% over the last two years — credited, in part, to the Right to Counsel law. City Council mulls increasing eligibility.


  25. the bloomberg way

    Mike Bloomberg’s NYC Jails Record: Drop in Inmates, Rise in Force

    The Democratic presidential hopeful vowed this week to “end the era of mass incarceration.” THE CITY examined how he handled jails as mayor.

    the bloomberg way

  26. gnawing problem

    NYCHA Conducting Its Own 2020 Census — of Rats, Mice and Roaches

    The New York City Housing Authority has quietly started a campaign to tally the number of vermin in 320 developments across the five boroughs.

    gnawing problem

  27. homelessness

    City Red-Flagged Failed Homeless Hotel Firm Before Awarding $359M Deal

    The city awarded a Queens nonprofit a nine-figure contract — even after serious management issues emerged. Now the outfit is under receivership.


  28. justice

    Bail Reform Rollback Battle Rips Rift in Albany

    Senate rethink of mandatory pretrial release for criminal defendants opens divide among Democrats as Assembly activists slam “Jim Crow-style” flip.


  29. big spenders

    City Council Looks to Shed Light on Civic Construction Project Costs and Delays

    From pricey park bathrooms to rebuilt schools, an online capital projects tracker would expose big-dollar city spending to public view.

    big spenders

  30. class action

    Special Education Complaint Delays Spark Federal Lawsuit

    State and city education officials have “acted with deliberate or reckless indifference” to students’ plight, parents charge in class action case.

    class action

  31. retail politics

    De Blasio Takes Mom-and-Pop Commercial Rent Control Longshot

    The mayor announced a panel to study the issue in his “saving New York” speech. But even he has doubts the longtime nonstarter can pass legal muster.

    retail politics

  32. double take

    NYCHA Monitor, Mold Protections Vanish for Tenants Under Private Management

    As homes to thousands enter the RAD program, crucial court and monitor oversight of everything from repairs to health woes in public housing ceases.

    double take

  33. below market

    De Blasio’s Tiny Houses Plan for Apartments in Basements, Garages and Backyards

    City Hall’s plan would offer $150 million in low-interest loans to boost affordable housing and ease homeowner burdens by legalizing the dwellings.

    below market

  34. cellar beware

    NYC’s Basement Apartment Crackdown Clashes With Census Outreach Efforts

    Building inspectors targeting illegal apartments risk making immigrants even less likely to respond, city advisers warn.

    cellar beware

  35. seeing 'rad'

    Tenants in Privately Managed NYCHA Homes Kept in Dark on Building Repairs

    Once a complex enters the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, where private developers run public housing, online repair and outage reports stop.

    seeing 'rad'

  36. public housing

    City Hall Ignores Comptroller’s Rejection of NYCHA Monitor Bill

    After the comptroller rejected the monitor’s $12M contract, the de Blasio administration rejected his authority to examine millions in invoices.

    public housing

  37. pre-k

    Nearly 2,000 Students With Special Needs Facing Preschool Lockout This Spring

    Years of insufficient state funding and closure of private pre-K programs cited among reasons for looming shortage of special education slots.


  38. homelessness

    A Long Line of Red Flags Trailed Embattled Homeless Operator

    The city filed a court complaint Wednesday against Childrens Community Services, alleging massive fraud. But warning signs emerged in 2015.


  39. education

    Some Yeshivas Defying City Push to Boost Secular Studies

    Jewish schools in Brooklyn missed a Department of Education deadline to provide detailed plans to improve non-religious instruction.


  40. present tense

    Beijing to Brooklyn ‘Friendship’ Arch Gift Collapses

    The present from China for Sunset Park, seven years in the making, falls victim to “geopolitical tensions,” Borough President Eric Adams says.

    present tense

  41. gap year

    What You Need to Know to Decode Cuomo’s $175 Billion-Plus State Budget Speech

    New York’s quirk-packed budget process gets more complicated this year, thanks to a Medicaid-fueled $6 billion deficit. Here’s how it all affects you.

    gap year

  42. bill's bills

    Mayor’s $95.3 Billion Proposed Budget Adds Costs, Not Programs

    Despite no new big-ticket items, Bill de Blasio’s no-frills fiscal plan piles on $3.1 billion personnel and other costs as state money woes loom.

    bill's bills

  43. the bloomberg way

    Bloomberg’s Firm Violated Sick Leave Law He Vetoed as Mayor, but Now Supports

    The billionaire presidential hopeful’s media company was cited for a policy requiring workers to provide a doctor’s note after one or two sick days.

    the bloomberg way

  44. helping hands

    Puerto Ricans in New York Help Homeland, Using Lessons from Maria

    Grassroots aid efforts sprout following the Jan. 7 earthquake as local politicians pledge support and critics say Washington is MIA.

    helping hands

  45. the count

    City Reveals $40 Million Plan of Attack on 2020 Census

    The effort will rely on outreach to traditionally undercounted communities with Congressional representation and federal funding at stake.

    the count

  46. battling hate

    Amid Hate Spike, A Crown Heights Leader Pleads: ‘We Have to Do Better’

    Richard Green helped bring residents together after the 1991 riots. As anti-Semitic incidents rise, he’s calling for resources — and understanding.

    battling hate

  47. deep cuts

    With $6 Billion State Budget Deficit, Will Cuomo Target NYC?

    If history is any indicator, the governor will look to hit the city with social services cuts as ballooning Medicaid costs drive widening budget gap.

    deep cuts

  48. mob rule

    How Allegedly Mafia-Linked Firm Helped Build Affordable Bronx Apartments

    A new taxpayer-subsidized building in Mayor de Blasio’s housing push used a contractor prosecutors say is tied to Gambino crime family.

    mob rule

  49. teachable moments

    Amid Spree of Hate Crimes, City Looks to Past Offenders for Mentorship

    The de Blasio administration is considering recruiting those who committed anti-Semitic crimes as teens to teach young people to do the right thing.

    teachable moments

  50. study text

    Five Years Later, Schools Still Struggling With de Blasio’s Cell Phone Policy

    Nearly five years after the city education department lifted a ban on cell phones, schools across are still grappling with what to do about them.

    study text

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