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  1. homelessness

    De Blasio Vows to Break Up NYC Homeless Shelter Crowds

    The mayor reacted after photos THE CITY obtained showed social distancing nightmares at two facilities — scenes one official called “heartbreaking.”


  2. homelessness

    Homeless Sent from Subways to Social Distancing Nightmares

    Pictures show a human sprawl along the stairs at Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter. A similar scene was captured at a Wards Island facility.


  3. homelessness

    NYC Shuttles Homeless Men from Shut Subway to Packed Shelter

    Amid the overnight train shutdown, caravans take men to Manhattan’s notorious 30th St. Shelter where social distancing to stop coronavirus is elusive.


  4. health

    Nurses Face Scores More Deaths Amid Protective Gear Shortage, Union Suit Charges

    Union lawsuits estimate that three out of four New York nurses have been exposed to coronavirus — and that 250 could die of COVID-19.


  5. waiting

    Millions of N95 Masks NYC Ordered Weeks Ago for Public Hospitals Still M.I.A.

    The city’s purchasing agency has signed deals for up to 34 million masks — and has received just 637,760 so far, a review of contract records shows.


  6. health

    Some NYC Hospitals Defy Cuomo Panel Mask-on-Demand Order, Nurses Charge

    Workers say protective equipment remains scarce, despite ruling. Meanwhile, public hospital nurses plan a protest over doctor’s note sick day edict.


  7. health

    ‘An Insane Situation’: Inside the Chaos at Bellevue Hospital

    Nurses are pressured to certify they can perform duties they weren’t trained for, sources say, as equipment shortages persist and patient load grows.


  8. coronavirus

    Frontline NYC Medical Staffers Describe Daily Battle at Struggling Hospitals

    They’re scrambling to make do with shrinking resources as the patient apex nears. “I am most worried I will get sick and die,” one Bronx doctor said.


  9. health

    Mask Shortage at Bellevue and Other City-Run Hospitals Alarms Staff

    There aren’t enough N95 masks, the best defense against coronavirus. Staffers say they’re being forced to reuse them or rely on less effective models.


  10. health

    Detox Units Closing at All 11 NYC-Run Hospitals

    Patients going through difficult process of weaning off drugs and alcohol will be steered back to overworked emergency rooms, THE CITY has learned.


  11. special report

    How Shelter Chaos Drives Many Homeless to Live on Streets and in Subways

    NYC’s biggest shelter is plagued by violence — often carried out by repeat offenders who remain in the system, a trove of incident reports reveals.

    special report

  12. justice

    Man Charged in Detective’s Death Says He Wanted to Commit ‘Suicide by Cop’

    Christopher Ransom, who says he’s battled mental illness, faces murder charges in the friendly fire death of Queens Det. Brian Simonsen.


  13. jails

    City Seeks to Move Mentally Ill Inmates to Hospitals

    A new possibility in plans to close Rikers Island jails: relocation of mentally ill and medically needy to secure hospital facilities