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  1. coronavirus

    Officials Urge Cuomo, de Blasio To Act On ‘Uneven’ COVID-19 Death Toll

    Pols seek Harlem River Yards medical facility and demographic data on COVID-19 victims after THE CITY’s report on high Bronx virus fatality rate.


  2. coronavirus

    How NYC’s Emergency Ventilator Stockpile Ended Up on the Auction Block

    A 2006 pandemic plan warned the city could be short by up to 9,500 ventilators. But the few hundred acquired were scrapped over maintenance costs.


  3. building immunity

    Affordable Housing, Transit Projects Plow on in Coronavirus Pause

    Construction workers decide between a paycheck and exposure to illness as developers weigh liability concerns for anyone who gets sick on the job.

    building immunity

  4. prisons

    Call for Cuomo to Free Ailing Prisoners as Virus Spreads

    Legal Aid lawyers cite a handful of vulnerable, inmates dealing with cancer, diabetes and more as prime candidates for immediate release.


  5. helping hands

    How Can I Donate Supplies to New York Hospitals in Need?

    New Yorkers with masks, gloves and other equipment reached out to us for guidance on how to get them to medical workers. Here’s what we learned.

    helping hands

  6. health

    New York Nursing Homes Struggle to Defend Against Coronavirus

    Sick and elderly people in group residences make up 15% of NYS COVID-19 deaths — yet those who care for them are short on tests and protective gear.


  7. elections

    Election Punt to June Leaves Candidates for Vacant Political Seats Seeking Grip

    Cuomo order postpones Brooklyn City Council election to June 23 while the contest for Queens borough president remains up in the air.


  8. health

    Hospitals Nearing ICU Bed Limits as COVID-19 Surges in NYC

    New York City is in a race against time to set up enough beds for the sickest coronavirus patients. As of Thursday, 307 ICU beds were available.


  9. work

    Cuomo Calls Off ‘Non-Essential’ Construction Statewide

    After outcry from workers and job sites impacted by coronavirus, governor nixes most residential and commercial building projects in New York.


  10. sudden move

    CUNY Students Pushed Out of Dorms for Emergency Medical Space

    Students are being kicked out at CSI, Hunter and City colleges to make way for “medical emergency centers” in the fight against coronavirus.

    sudden move

  11. coronavirus

    Frontline NYC Medical Staffers Describe Daily Battle at Struggling Hospitals

    They’re scrambling to make do with shrinking resources as the patient apex nears. “I am most worried I will get sick and die,” one Bronx doctor said.


  12. worker safety

    Construction Workers Still on Job Amid Coronavirus Concerns

    Cuomo deems construction an “essential” trade. But some laborers said they fear for their health when a positive test isn’t enough to shut a jobsite.

    worker safety

  13. collective action

    Court’s Halt on Filings Gives Partial Reprieve on New York Debt Collection

    Advocates have called for a moratorium during the COVID-19 outbreak. The state courts and a debt purchasing trade group are offering some relief.

    collective action

  14. transit

    NYC Bus Drivers Fighting for Protective Masks From MTA

    The transit agency won’t provide the respirator masks it has to its bus operators yet, saying it is waiting to see if the state needs them elsewhere.


  15. collective action

    Creditors Are Still Calling in People’s Debts. Advocates Beg Cuomo: Stop Them

    Lenders are going after consumer and business borrowers through New York’s courts as virus crisis worsens. Now activists are demanding a moratorium.

    collective action

  16. education

    NYC Public School Coronavirus Closure Sets Term on Uncertain Path

    As many details remained unclear, officials addressed a few key concerns — including feeding student who rely on schools for meals.


  17. health

    How Can I Get Tested? And Other Coronavirus Questions…

    As New York officials scramble to increase testing, we have answers to some common questions about the local response to a global pandemic.


  18. seniors

    New York Nursing Home Preparations Ramp Up as Coronavirus Concerns Grow

    Facilities that serve elderly are limiting visits, screening guests and canceling events after deaths in Washington state and a scare in Brooklyn.


  19. health

    Mayor Takes Keep Calm and Carry On Approach to Coronavirus

    Public demonstrations of business-as-usual are emerging as a major theme of Bill de Blasio’s response to the evolving worldwide crisis.


  20. health

    NYC Public School Teacher Reveals Week of Hell Over Coronavirus Scare

    Erin McCarthy was refused test after Italy trip. Then some colleagues turned on her. She finally tested negative, but her life is forever changed.


  21. second chances

    New Jersey No-Bail System Eyed by New York Leaders Reckons With Bias Risk

    By some measures, the Jersey approach is a success. But critics warn public safety reviews by judges can hold past injustices against defendants.

    second chances

  22. counting on

    As Census Efforts Ramp Up, Coronavirus Fears Complicate the Game Plan

    Census forms for the big count will be sent out in two weeks and amid coronavirus worries following the city’s first diagnosis this weekend.

    counting on

  23. borrow trouble

    New York Businesses Struggle With Debts After Reform Left Them Out

    Gov. Cuomo outlawed high-interest cash advances for out-of-state companies that clogged state courts. But New Yorkers are still fair game.

    borrow trouble

  24. housing

    Trump HUD Cuts Target Public Housing Fixes and Apartment Vouchers

    Local Congressional leaders assail planned budget slashing, which come as NYCHA battles mold and lead, and city grapples with housing crisis.


  25. health care

    Meet Maximus, the Company Reaping Big Bucks From Budget-Busting Medicaid Surge

    Gov. Cuomo blames NYC for rising insurance rolls — while the state pays Virginia-based Maximus dearly to decide which poor people deserve costly care.

    health care

  26. succession plan

    Top Corey Johnson Aide Running for His Chelsea Council Seat

    Erik Bottcher, the speaker’s chief of staff, is building his campaign on community connections that stretch from Greenwich Village to Hell’s Kitchen.

    succession plan

  27. health care

    Booming Long-Term Care Industry Drives Budget-Busting Medicaid Cost Surge

    While Gov. Cuomo demands NYC pay a greater share, insurers sign up patients by the thousands — sometimes for services they don’t actually get.

    health care

  28. bye-ford

    Subway and Bus Boss Andy Byford’s Transit Triumphs and Unfinished Business

    Byford suddenly resigned two years into his transit turnaround efforts. His successor faces steep challenges — including dealing with Gov. Cuomo.


  29. albany

    Cuomo’s Recipe to Plug $6B Budget Hole: Everyone Shares Medicaid Pain

    Proposed Medicaid changes could leave NYC on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars a year as governor put forward record $178.6 billion plan.


  30. gap year

    What You Need to Know to Decode Cuomo’s $175 Billion-Plus State Budget Speech

    New York’s quirk-packed budget process gets more complicated this year, thanks to a Medicaid-fueled $6 billion deficit. Here’s how it all affects you.

    gap year

  31. helping hands

    Puerto Ricans in New York Help Homeland, Using Lessons from Maria

    Grassroots aid efforts sprout following the Jan. 7 earthquake as local politicians pledge support and critics say Washington is MIA.

    helping hands

  32. pier pressure

    Future of West Side Piers Hazy as Cuomo Pushes for Action

    The governor wants a sketched plan for Pier 40 and Pier 76 from the Hudson River Park Trust by May. What that may look like is anyone’s guess.

    pier pressure

  33. deep cuts

    With $6 Billion State Budget Deficit, Will Cuomo Target NYC?

    If history is any indicator, the governor will look to hit the city with social services cuts as ballooning Medicaid costs drive widening budget gap.

    deep cuts

  34. penned in

    Governor’s Penn Station Overhaul Plan Lacks Tunnel Vision

    Cuomo’s proposal to expand the rail hub by demolishing a city block and adding eight tracks avoids long-sought new tunnel to handle extra trains.

    penned in

  35. clemency

    Ailing Inmate Pins Clemency Hopes on Cuomo

    At 64, Ulysses Boyd has severe arthritis and an enlarged heart, and recently battled pneumonia. He’s not eligible for parole for another 16 years.


  36. fast track

    Public Should Get More Time for Say on MTA Plans: Audit

    The transit agency should give public and board 45 days to weigh in on major proposals, audit recommends. That didn’t happen with new $51.5B plan.

    fast track

  37. schools

    State Regents Board Seeks $2 Billion Education Funding Boost

    Education policymakers cast a final vote on the ask Tuesday, but expect the amount the governor actually gives to school spending to be much less.


  38. health care

    Family Caregivers Seek Tax Credit to Help Pay for Aides and Supplies

    The state would reimburse relatives up to $3,500 annually for costs incurred taking care of ailing loved ones, under a bill to boost unpaid helpers.

    health care

  39. going national

    Tiffany Cabán Teams With Working Families Party in Transition

    Labor-aligned political group, under fire from Gov. Cuomo, looks to expand influence as criminal justice reform catalyst via rising star Cabán.

    going national

  40. bus stopped

    Bus Rides Slowed in Muck of MTA-Transit Union Contract Feud

    Commuters slog through longer waits, thanks to repeated, union-ordered “safety checks,” labor and management sources told THE CITY.

    bus stopped

  41. locked out

    Chelsea ‘Women’s Building’ Backers Break Out of Prison Conversion

    Philanthropists from the Buffett family drop high-profile plans to turn the former Bayview Correctional Facility into a hub for female empowerment.

    locked out

  42. cashing in

    Opportunity Zone Boosts Bids for Hot Bronx Property

     Developers bet on reaping big rewards for pouring dollars into a quickly gentrifying strip in Port Morris, thanks to a federal tax credit.

    cashing in

  43. moving ahead

    How the MTA Plans to Spend Billions on its Subway Wishlist

    Will your commute speed up, via new signals? Will your station get an elevator? Find out via our interactive look at the record $51.5 billion plan.

    moving ahead

  44. nowhere to go

    Homeless Seek an Elusive Safe Refuge in the Subways

    The slayings of four men underscored the fears of vulnerable New Yorkers who avoid city streets and shelters. But life underground is getting tougher.

    nowhere to go

  45. justice

    Deadlocked Parole Panels Leave Prisoners in Limbo

    Staffing shortages of commissioners lead to split decisions on hundreds of cases for early release, forcing costly and emotionally draining do-overs.


  46. prevention plan

    Safe Injection Ruling Boosts Hope State Will OK Drug Centers

    A Philadelphia federal judge finds law permits supervised drug use facilities aimed at preventing overdoses, removing a Cuomo administration concern.

    prevention plan

  47. tracking you

    Subway Surveillance Cameras Turned Toward the Homeless

    The NYPD is monitoring 100 live feeds from a dozen stations around the clock, drawing concerns from homeless and civil liberties advocates.

    tracking you

  48. wrong track

    Cuomo Slams His MTA on Spike in ‘Soiled’ Subway Reports

    The governor says commuters’ “quality of life” is suffering amid the marked increase in reports of filthy train cars and other underground woes.

    wrong track

  49. wrong track

    Why The Subway Stinks: ‘Soiled Car’ Reports Soar This Year

    More than 1,600 incidents slowed service and disgusted straphangers in the first eight months of 2019 — far outpacing the last two years.

    wrong track

  50. elevated costs

    L Station Repair Spending Projected to Double as MTA Takes Different Track

    When Gov. Cuomo scrapped a plan to fully shut down the L train’s Canarsie Tunnel, that disrupted projects that would have “piggybacked” onto the work.

    elevated costs

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