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ARTICLES BY: Virginia Breen

  1. making history

    ‘What’s Safe to Do?’: NYC Museums Grapple with Preserving COVID-19 Artifacts

    NYC’s archivists and curators are figuring out how best to chronicle coronavirus history without putting the public — or themselves — at risk.

    making history

  2. paramedics

    First Responder Worried About Her EMS Friend Now Also Hospitalized

    FDNY paramedic battles pneumonia as her pal remains in ICU. “I am extremely tired,” Sherry Singleton texted from her hospital bed.


  3. families

    State Says Hospitals Must Allow One Support Person in for Childbirth

    New policy counters some medical centers’ refusal to allow even family members to be present as coronavirus precaution.


  4. work

    NYC Paramedic Battles ‘Paranoia and Anxiety’ as Coworker Fights COVID in ICU

    FDNY EMS responder Sherry Singleton works long hours aiding coronavirus patients as work friend Christell Cadet battles for her life on a ventilator.


  5. coronavirus

    Frontline NYC Medical Staffers Describe Daily Battle at Struggling Hospitals

    They’re scrambling to make do with shrinking resources as the patient apex nears. “I am most worried I will get sick and die,” one Bronx doctor said.


  6. overcrowding

    A High-Stakes Race to Help NYC’s Homeless as Coronavirus Spreads

    The city is scrambling to open new drop-in centers, create quarantine spaces at shelters and buy thermometers to screen clients as shelter cases rise.


  7. public safety

    FDNY Shifts Schedules, Graduates Class Early to Battle Coronavirus

    As ranks of quarantined firefighters and EMTs rise, the Fire Department is using 24-hour shifts with the same group to limit risk of cross-infection.

    public safety

  8. out of step

    A St. Patrick’s Day Without an NYC Parade as Coronavirus Hits Tradition

    The first postponement in the New York City event’s 258-year history left everyone from longtime participants to merchants to street vendors reeling.

    out of step

  9. act of faith

    ‘An Eerie Quiet’ at NYC Churches as Clergy Cancel Services

    New York City’s Catholic churches and other faiths suspend communal worship in effort to stifle large gatherings and halt spread of the coronavirus.

    act of faith

  10. coronavirus

    As Lights Go Out On Broadway, Worry and Confusion Take Center Stage

    The planned month-long darkening of The Great White Way has left the workers who make the magic happen reeling. The next act remains unclear…


  11. health

    Ailing Boss of Raceway Worker Killed by Virus Waits for Test in Queens

    Queens lawyer connected to Yonkers Raceway battles fever, cough and grief after “right-hand man” became NJ’s first coronavirus fatality.


  12. on the job

    New Yorkers Who Can’t Work From Home Forge on as Virus and Uncertainty Spread

    Some described taking new precautions, while others said they’re already seeing a slowdown in business. They’re united in the need to keep working.

    on the job

  13. going yard

    Queens Neighbors Cloudy on $14.4B Sunnyside Yard Plan

    Locals question how the city and Amtrak will fund the proposed affordable-housing development built atop a deck over the rail hub.

    going yard

  14. threads

    Coronavirus Ripples Hit New York City Merchants From 7,000 Miles Away

    Chinese textile factories shuttered over the virus are causing headaches for local clothing businesses. Mom and pop shops are feeling the pinch.


  15. pay-per-use

    New Yorkers Still Confused on How Plastic Bag Ban Will Work

    With new law coming March 1, we found a supermarket hawking sacks made of thicker plastic. Meanwhile, shoppers and shopkeepers were girding for shift.


  16. cottage industry

    Tiny House Was No Small Feat for Manhattan Man

    After building a $50,000, 300-square foot home in Queens, Tom Saat is among the crowd who says thinking small could help cure NYC’s housing crisis.

    cottage industry