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  1. textile messages

    As Plastic Bags Go Bye, a Renewed Push to Recycle Fabrics

    The Sanitation Department’s “ReFashion Week” promotion vies to make textile sustainability chic. Meanwhile, the plastic shopping bag ban hits March 1.

    textile messages

  2. just the ticket

    Success of LIRR Brooklyn-Queens Tix Renews Call for Citywide $2.75 Rail Fare

    The discount Atlantic Ticket, connecting Brooklyn and Queens via the LIRR, has drawn 2.3 million riders and shortened commutes. Next stop, everywhere?

    just the ticket

  3. down the line

    Utica Ave. Subway Extension Dream Gets a Brooklyn Boost

    Borough President Adams assembling task force to study 110-year-old proposal to serve transit desert after MTA put up millions to examine same idea.

    down the line

  4. below market

    De Blasio’s Tiny Houses Plan for Apartments in Basements, Garages and Backyards

    City Hall’s plan would offer $150 million in low-interest loans to boost affordable housing and ease homeowner burdens by legalizing the dwellings.

    below market

  5. cellar beware

    NYC’s Basement Apartment Crackdown Clashes With Census Outreach Efforts

    Building inspectors targeting illegal apartments risk making immigrants even less likely to respond, city advisers warn.

    cellar beware

  6. hail storm

    MTA’s Uber Plan to Give Late-Shift Workers a Lyft

    The agency could team with ride-hailing companies to help ease overnight commuters for service industry employees who live far from mass transit.

    hail storm

  7. seeing 'rad'

    Tenants in Privately Managed NYCHA Homes Kept in Dark on Building Repairs

    Once a complex enters the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, where private developers run public housing, online repair and outage reports stop.

    seeing 'rad'