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ARTICLES BY: Greg B. Smith

Greg is a reporter at THE CITY. He worked at the New York Daily News from 1993 through 2018. His beats have included federal court, City Hall and public housing. He also is the author of several books, including “Made Men: The True Story of the Rise and Fall of a New Jersey Crime Family.” / 917-685-5580

  1. homelessness

    A Lonely Life for the Isolated Residents of the City’s Coronavirus Hotels

    “Nobody’s in the hallways. Nobody’s talking. Nobody will come into the room,” says a homeless woman quarantined at a Queens hotel.


  2. homelessness

    Too Close for Comfort Inside NYC’s Biggest Homeless Shelter

    Coronavirus cases grow in shelters across the city where most guards still don’t have masks. The 30th Street Men’s Shelter offers a troubling picture.


  3. homelessness

    No Virus Tracking for Homeless People on Streets and Subways

    Four people who live outside of shelters tested positive for coronavirus after visiting drop-in centers. But no one is keeping tabs on 3,200 others.


  4. health

    Three Out of Four Young NYC Coronavirus Fatalities Had Medical Conditions

    Some 20 New Yorkers under 45 have died of COVID-19. Fifteen of them had pre-existing health woes. The rates of pre-existing conditions rises with age.


  5. food insecurity

    Plan in Works to Expand Free NYC School Meals to Adults, Too

    With demand among students lower than expected, de Blasio eyes giving out food to others for the asking. But food workers are demanding protection.

    food insecurity

  6. isolation

    New York City Shuttles Homeless and Other Virus Patients to Hotels

    Officials line up 500 rooms to isolate shelter residents and public hospital patients with nowhere to go. But hotel workers won’t get masks.


  7. coronavirus

    Frontline NYC Medical Staffers Describe Daily Battle at Struggling Hospitals

    They’re scrambling to make do with shrinking resources as the patient apex nears. “I am most worried I will get sick and die,” one Bronx doctor said.


  8. health

    NYC Hospitals Send Homeless Who Have Coronavirus to Shelters

    At least one person who tested positive has been funneled to the city shelter system amid spiking cases and scramble to create more isolation spaces.


  9. overcrowding

    A High-Stakes Race to Help NYC’s Homeless as Coronavirus Spreads

    The city is scrambling to open new drop-in centers, create quarantine spaces at shelters and buy thermometers to screen clients as shelter cases rise.


  10. hospitals

    One in Four NYC Hospital Coronavirus Patients Is Under Age 50

    Medical staff see wave of people in 20s and 30s seriously afflicted by coronavirus. Meanwhile, most of the fatalities so far are over 65 and male.


  11. health

    Still No Virus Test for Brooklyn Doctor, But Clearance to Work

    City tells physician he probably has coronavirus, but is no longer contagious. Meanwhile, a Queens doctor is reported hospitalized with COVID-19.


  12. health

    Ailing Brooklyn Doctor Desperately Seeking Coronavirus Test

    “I could end up being the vector,” said the physician, whose case underscores the limits of testing capability as the virus spreads in the city.


  13. homelessness

    First NYC Homeless Shelter Resident Tests Positive for Coronavirus

    The woman’s dorm-mates have been placed into quarantine as New York City officials grapple with how to contain outbreaks in a packed shelter system.


  14. health

    Mask Shortage at Bellevue and Other City-Run Hospitals Alarms Staff

    There aren’t enough N95 masks, the best defense against coronavirus. Staffers say they’re being forced to reuse them or rely on less effective models.


  15. health

    School Officials Say: Don’t Report Coronavirus Symptoms to Health Department

    Before closing two Bronx schools over student infection, memo warned staff not to notify front-line epidemic response agency about suspected cases.


  16. health care

    The Cost of Not Getting Tested for Coronavirus: a $10K ER Bill

    Teacher Erin McCarthy’s insurance company got hit with a $10,383 charge after she went to a Brooklyn emergency room and was refused testing for virus.

    health care

  17. public housing

    NYCHA Spending Details Go Public on Contracts website, Long After Other Agencies

    Comptroller Scott Stringer announces deal to put billions in spending info on Checkbook NYC. The move comes after THE CITY exposed no-bid contracts.

    public housing

  18. health

    NYC Health Department ‘Not Collecting’ Agency Coronavirus Numbers

    In a memo Sunday, the Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations advised city agencies not to report any workers with coronavirus signs to health officials.


  19. health

    NYC Public School Teacher Reveals Week of Hell Over Coronavirus Scare

    Erin McCarthy was refused test after Italy trip. Then some colleagues turned on her. She finally tested negative, but her life is forever changed.


  20. health

    City Officials Scramble on Coronavirus Testing for Teachers

    Teachers union boss faults Health Dept. “holdup” as de Blasio mandates coronavirus testing for teachers and other key workers who visited hot zones.


  21. health

    Kids Spent Days in Class With City Teacher Now Showing Coronavirus Signs

    Symptoms followed the teacher’s vacation in Italy, THE CITY has learned. Meanwhile, the union reports four more members sick after traveling abroad.


  22. the bloomberg way

    How Mike Bloomberg’s NYC Homeless Record Clashes With Campaign Promises

    The city shelter population grew by 71% during his mayoralty. Now a plan to tackle “national emergency” embraces tactics he scrapped at City Hall.

    the bloomberg way

  23. housing

    Trump HUD Cuts Target Public Housing Fixes and Apartment Vouchers

    Local Congressional leaders assail planned budget slashing, which come as NYCHA battles mold and lead, and city grapples with housing crisis.


  24. the bloomberg way

    Judge Who Ended Stop-and-Frisk Slams Bloomberg on Past Attempt to ‘Scare Me’

    Shira Scheindlin called 2013 taxpayer-funded dossier an “inappropriate” move meant to “instill fear” — and disputed his Democratic debate comments.

    the bloomberg way

  25. tale of the tape

    Vance Prosecutor Misconduct Accusations Could Cost Millions

    Firms that agreed to pay into the Manhattan DA’s forfeiture fund to settle bribery cases may be getting money back, THE CITY has learned.

    tale of the tape

  26. gnawing problem

    NYCHA Conducting Its Own 2020 Census — of Rats, Mice and Roaches

    The New York City Housing Authority has quietly started a campaign to tally the number of vermin in 320 developments across the five boroughs.

    gnawing problem

  27. tale of the tape

    Vance Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Tape Could Face Grilling Under Oath

    Defendant convicted in bribery case demands Diana Florence, a former top deputy to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, testify at hearing.

    tale of the tape

  28. tale of the tape

    Defendants Freed, Jury Dismissed as Manhattan DA Evidence Woes Deepen

    Several bribery cases prosecuted by Cy Vance Jr.’s office are unraveling in the face of allegations a top deputy withheld key evidence.

    tale of the tape

  29. double take

    NYCHA Monitor, Mold Protections Vanish for Tenants Under Private Management

    As homes to thousands enter the RAD program, crucial court and monitor oversight of everything from repairs to health woes in public housing ceases.

    double take

  30. tale of the tape

    Case Tossed Amid ‘Staggering’ Hidden Evidence Allegations Against Vance Deputy

    More of Diana Florence’s cases are being eyed after accusations she withheld damaging information about star witness in construction bribery raps.

    tale of the tape

  31. seeing 'rad'

    Tenants in Privately Managed NYCHA Homes Kept in Dark on Building Repairs

    Once a complex enters the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, where private developers run public housing, online repair and outage reports stop.

    seeing 'rad'

  32. public housing

    City Hall Ignores Comptroller’s Rejection of NYCHA Monitor Bill

    After the comptroller rejected the monitor’s $12M contract, the de Blasio administration rejected his authority to examine millions in invoices.

    public housing

  33. tale of the tape

    Top Vance Prosecutor Accused of Misleading Judge Over Withheld Evidence

    Diana Florence, who quit amid allegations she sat on a tape that impugned her star witness, knew of the recording in 2016, a defense attorney charged.

    tale of the tape

  34. public housing

    Stringer Bounces NYCHA’s $12 Million Federal Monitor Deal

    Comptroller rejects contract with Bart Schwartz and his firm — citing cost concerns along with THE CITY’s reporting on past ties and billing issues.

    public housing

  35. tale of the tape

    Vance Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Evidence Offers Defense

    Diana Florence tells court a mistake was made — but denied purposely sitting on tape that damaged star witness’ credibility in bribery cases.

    tale of the tape

  36. tale of the tape

    A Top Prosecutor in Manhattan DA Vance’s Office Accused of Hiding Evidence

    Construction fraud-buster Diana Florence leaves post after allegations she withheld damaging recording of star witness in bribery cases.

    tale of the tape

  37. nycha

    HUD Secretary Carson Claims Fewer ‘Horrible Things’ in NYC Public Housing

    The housing boss argued there’s been “substantial improvement” at NYCHA — even as tab to fix the ailing home to 400k New Yorkers rises to $42 billion.


  38. homelessness

    NYC’s Biggest Shelter Plagued by Asbestos and Other Dangers

    Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter, which houses up to 850 homeless, is rife with code violations that include fire safety hazards, records show.


  39. public housing

    Contractor Guilty of Wage Theft Was Also NYCHA No-Bid King

    A review by THE CITY reveals that in 2018 alone, SAC Restoration received 29 separate no-bid contracts totaling more than $141,000.

    public housing

  40. housing

    NYCHA’s New Year’s Gift for Jilted Wife: An Eviction Notice

    A Gowanus Houses mother of two battles effort to eject her family from their Brooklyn home over back rent allegedly owed by her ex-husband, an ex-cop.


  41. mob rule

    How Allegedly Mafia-Linked Firm Helped Build Affordable Bronx Apartments

    A new taxpayer-subsidized building in Mayor de Blasio’s housing push used a contractor prosecutors say is tied to Gambino crime family.

    mob rule

  42. clinic trial

    Local Concerns Over Cops Taking Mentally Ill to New ThriveNYC Clinics

    Two precincts in East Harlem and The Bronx will soon start sending people having psychiatric episodes to “diversion centers” they’ll be free to leave.

    clinic trial

  43. education

    Mayor Knew About Delay of Damning Yeshiva Report, Probe Finds

    City investigators say City Hall engaged in “political horse trading” during yeshiva review, but de Blasio was cleared of any wrongdoing.


  44. public housing

    City Spends $3M for Public Housing Authority Advice It Already Paid $10M For

    A consulting firm’s report calling for an overhaul of NYCHA management echoes a 2012 document produced by another company, THE CITY’s review found.

    public housing

  45. the bloomberg way

    How NYCHA Lead and Repairs Scams Started Under Mike Bloomberg’s Mayoral Watch

    The former mayor, now running for president, never publicly questioned nearly 200K logged public housing fixes prosecutors later found never happened.

    the bloomberg way

  46. out of line

    Mob Looted Tax-Break Towers Rising Along The High Line: Feds

    The Gambino crime family inflated bills for work on a Chelsea condo complex with a $25m penthouse — and a $1.5m tax credit, prosecutors allege.

    out of line

  47. nypd

    Mayor de Blasio Backs NYCHA’s Hiring of Louima Case Cop

    The mayor said Charles Schwarz, convicted of lying about his role in the 1997 attack, paid his “debt to society.” He makes $100K as a city carpenter.


  48. nypd

    Louima Cop Back on Public Payroll as a NYCHA Carpenter

    Charles Schwarz, convicted of perjury in the 1997 NYPD brutality case, works for the NYC Public Housing Authority, records show.


  49. health

    Detox Units Closing at All 11 NYC-Run Hospitals

    Patients going through difficult process of weaning off drugs and alcohol will be steered back to overworked emergency rooms, THE CITY has learned.


  50. public housing

    NYCHA Monitor’s $12 Million Budget Includes His $600-an-Hour Pay

    Deal to oversee housing reform will cost taxpayers at least $60m over five years. Even with a pay cap, the monitor will out-earn de Blasio and Cuomo.

    public housing

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