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gnawing problem 4:10 AM

NYCHA Conducting Its Own Census — of Rats, Mice and Roaches

4:10 AM
The New York City Housing Authority has quietly started a campaign to tally the number of vermin in 320 developments across the five boroughs.
NYCHA Conducting Its Own Census — of Rats, Mice and Roaches The New York City Housing Authority has quietly started a campaign to tally the number of vermin in 320 developments across the five boroughs.
  1. rematch

    Two Pursue Primary Against GOP-Friendly Democratic Sen. Diane Savino

    Challengers hope to use the Staten Island and Brooklyn incumbent’s Republican coziness against her. But two years later, do voters still care?
  2. immigration

    Wounds Still Wide Open for Family of Erick Díaz-Cruz, Shot by ICE in Brooklyn

    While visitor from Mexico recovers, his mother doesn’t know when she’ll see her detained partner again. And she has a message for President Trump.
  3. a changing climate

    Earth Day Shouldn’t be Math Test Day, NYC Students Say

    More than two dozen lawmakers are asking the state education department to reschedule the exam so kids can join Earth Day 50th anniversary rallies.
    a changing climate
  4. homelessness

    City Red-Flagged Failed Homeless Hotel Firm Before Awarding $359M Deal

    The city awarded a Queens nonprofit a nine-figure contract — even after serious management issues emerged. Now the outfit is under receivership.
  5. cottage industry

    Tiny House Was No Small Feat for Manhattan Man

    After building a $50,000, 300-square foot home in Queens, Tom Saat is among the crowd who says thinking small could help cure NYC’s housing crisis.
    cottage industry
  6. fuel for thought

    Greenpointers Fire Back at Fracked Natural Gas Pipeline

    A 7-mile National Grid pipeline snaking from Brownsville to North Brooklyn has hit a wall of protest in Greenpoint, where a rally is planned Saturday.
    fuel for thought
  7. love lost

    A Year After Amazon Rejection, Both Sides of Battle Applying Lessons Learned

    It was last Valentine’s Day when the online giant deleted its plans for LIC, but both activists and developers know there’s plenty of fish in the sea.
    love lost
  8. emergency contract

    City Hall Makes $147.5 Million Call on Overhauling 911

    The firm enlisted by the de Blasio administration is already behind and over budget on creating a temporary text option for emergency callers.
    emergency contract
  9. justice

    Bail Reform Rollback Battle Rips Rift in Albany

    Senate rethink of mandatory pretrial release for criminal defendants opens divide among Democrats as Assembly activists slam “Jim Crow-style” flip.
  10. environment

    Coney Island NYC Ferry Site Could Dredge Up Toxins

    Mercury, PCBs, lead, dioxins and pesticides lurk in two possible Coney Island Creek dock locations, environmental impact documents show.
  11. digital delay

    Bronx River Houses Get Long-Delayed Computer Upgrade

    After nearly three-years, kids get access to computers, Wi-Fi and a 3D printer. But two other Bronx NYCHA community centers are still waiting.
    digital delay
  12. down the line

    Utica Ave. Subway Extension Dream Gets a Brooklyn Boost

    Borough President Adams assembling task force to study 110-year-old proposal to serve transit desert after MTA put up millions to examine same idea.
    down the line
  13. tale of the tape

    Vance Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Tape Could Face Grilling Under Oath

    Defendant convicted in bribery case demands Diana Florence, a former top deputy to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, testify at hearing.
    tale of the tape
  14. need a lift

    Barclays Center Has Subway’s Worst Privately Owned Elevator

    The elevator at the bustling station functioned just 74% of the time in 2019, MTA records show. Its landlord is being called out in a new report.
    need a lift
  15. big spenders

    City Council Looks to Shed Light on Civic Construction Project Costs and Delays

    From pricey park bathrooms to rebuilt schools, an online capital projects tracker would expose big-dollar city spending to public view.
    big spenders
  16. representation

    Manhattan Community Boards Are Missing Hispanics, Young People — and Renters

    Here’s what we know about the demographics of Manhattan’s 12 community boards, thanks to detailed information collected by BP Gale Brewer’s team.
  17. class action

    Special Education Complaint Delays Spark Federal Lawsuit

    State and city education officials have “acted with deliberate or reckless indifference” to students’ plight, parents charge in class action case.
    class action
  18. baby bump

    Planned Closure of Elmhurst Hospital Day Care Leaves Parents With Emergency

    Queens’ Little Elms Child Care Center — which operates rent-free at the city hospital — was relied upon by staffers and locals with few area options.
    baby bump
  19. a new lease

    Renters Don’t Have to Pay Brokers’ Fees Anymore. Here’s What You Need to Know

    Apartment hunters have reason to rejoice over a new state finding eliminating fees for prospective tenants. Have questions? We have some answers…
    a new lease
  20. education

    What NYC’s Departing Special Education Chief Learned on the Job

    Corinne Rello-Anselmi oversaw a shift toward including students with disabilities in mainstream classes, a process some schools struggled to embrace.
  21. succession plan

    Top Corey Johnson Aide Running for His Chelsea Council Seat

    Erik Bottcher, the speaker’s chief of staff, is building his campaign on community connections that stretch from Greenwich Village to Hell’s Kitchen.
    succession plan
  22. retail politics

    De Blasio Takes Mom-and-Pop Commercial Rent Control Longshot

    The mayor announced a panel to study the issue in his “saving New York” speech. But even he has doubts the longtime nonstarter can pass legal muster.
    retail politics
  23. out of step

    City Brings Criminal Court Case Over Busted Subway Escalator

    MTA steps up pressure to get stairs at Lexington Avenue-53rd Street, under the Lipstick Building, rolling again after more than a year out of service.
    out of step
  24. tale of the tape

    Defendants Freed, Jury Dismissed as Manhattan DA Evidence Woes Deepen

    Several bribery cases prosecuted by Cy Vance Jr.’s office are unraveling in the face of allegations a top deputy withheld key evidence.
    tale of the tape
  25. double take

    NYCHA Monitor, Mold Protections Vanish for Tenants Under Private Management

    As homes to thousands enter the RAD program, crucial court and monitor oversight of everything from repairs to health woes in public housing ceases.
    double take
  26. home work

    What Is RAD? A Look at NYCHA’s Private Management Move

    More than 15,000 apartments will be privately operated under Rental Assistance Demonstration by year’s end — part of a target total of 62,000 units.
    home work
  27. education

    Brownsville Parents Transform Local Supermarkets Into Kid Learning Zones

    Two Brooklyn groceries host scavenger hunts to stimulate young brains, using a new character: Blake the Bumblebee. Parents hope to expand the program.
  28. below market

    De Blasio’s Tiny Houses Plan for Apartments in Basements, Garages and Backyards

    City Hall’s plan would offer $150 million in low-interest loans to boost affordable housing and ease homeowner burdens by legalizing the dwellings.
    below market
  29. clear giveaway

    Ruben Diaz Sr. Bronx Congressional Campaign Buys Turkeys and Toys for Voters

    The Council member running for Bronx Congress seat purchased $7,000 in Western Beef gift cards, $1,737 worth of pastries and more with campaign funds.
    clear giveaway
  30. tale of the tape

    Case Tossed Amid ‘Staggering’ Hidden Evidence Allegations Against Vance Deputy

    More of Diana Florence’s cases are being eyed after accusations she withheld damaging information about star witness in construction bribery raps.
    tale of the tape
  31. missing link

    Dozens of LinkNYC Kiosks Are Installed but Not Activated

    At least 50 of the kiosks made to replace old-school pay phones with Wi-Fi sit idle with no connectivity — some for over two years, THE CITY found.
    missing link
  32. politics

    Bail Law Fuels GOP Challenge to Democratic Reformer in Brooklyn Swing District

    Southern Brooklyn State Sen. Andrew Gounardes faces at least one Republican betting that voters want a return to the tough-on-crime Marty Golden era.
  33. race and class

    Last Teacher Standing Is Going It Alone in Federal Racism Suit Against DOE

    Lisa-Erika James is the only remaining faculty member in a years-old racial discrimination lawsuit against the city that goes to trial Wednesday.
    race and class
  34. education

    Why Your Child’s Birth Month Matters in NYC School Assessments

    NYC students born in November and December are classified with learning disabilities at higher rates, suggesting a disadvantage for youngest in class.
  35. cellar beware

    NYC’s Basement Apartment Crackdown Clashes With Census Outreach Efforts

    Building inspectors targeting illegal apartments risk making immigrants even less likely to respond, city advisers warn.
    cellar beware
  36. hail storm

    MTA’s Uber Plan to Give Late-Shift Workers a Lyft

    The agency could team with ride-hailing companies to help ease overnight commuters for service industry employees who live far from mass transit.
    hail storm
  37. education

    New York City Has a New Special Education Chief

    A 17-year veteran of the education department, Christina Foti is now responsible for some 230,000 students classified as having special needs.
  38. jails

    Fines Against City Jail Inmates Add Up to Over $1 Million

    Detainees get hit with a $25 fee per altercation — often leaving family members to pay the tab, which has surpassed seven figures since 2015.
  39. seeing 'rad'

    Tenants in Privately Managed NYCHA Homes Kept in Dark on Building Repairs

    Once a complex enters the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, where private developers run public housing, online repair and outage reports stop.
    seeing 'rad'
  40. lock step

    Subways’ Worst Escalator Not Even Close to Fix

    It’s been a year since the Lexington Ave-53rd St. escalator shut. The privately owned moving stairway won’t be back until September.
    lock step
  41. transit

    Subway Surfing Spike May Be Deadlier Than MTA Stats Indicate

    Incidents of people riding on top of trains is up — and officials suspect the death toll is undercounted. Meanwhile, a mom mourns her teenage son.
  42. politics

    Race for Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke’s House Seat Spans Democratic Spectrum

    From DSA to MBA, six candidates — including Adem Bunkeddeko and Councilmember Chaim Deutsch — look to mobilize voters in a diverse district.
  43. police surveillance

    Cop-Monitored Security Cameras Promised for Morningside Park

    In the wake of the Tessa Majors killing, Harlem and Morningside Heights neighbors explored solutions to both safety and social issues around the park.
    police surveillance
  44. public housing

    City Hall Ignores Comptroller’s Rejection of NYCHA Monitor Bill

    After the comptroller rejected the monitor’s $12M contract, the de Blasio administration rejected his authority to examine millions in invoices.
    public housing
  45. pre-k

    Nearly 2,000 Students With Special Needs Facing Preschool Lockout This Spring

    Years of insufficient state funding and closure of private pre-K programs cited among reasons for looming shortage of special education slots.
  46. making waves

    NYC Ferry’s a No-Go at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

    “Safety issues” over big and small boats sharing space will lead to a move to the far side of Empire Outlets. Meanwhile, Sunset Park gets a new dock.
    making waves
  47. representation

    Staten Island Pledges to Fix Failure to Track Community Board Diversity

    Borough President James Oddo said his office will collect race, gender and age info — after THE CITY revealed failure to comply with a legal mandate.
  48. homelessness

    A Long Line of Red Flags Trailed Embattled Homeless Operator

    The city filed a court complaint Wednesday against Childrens Community Services, alleging massive fraud. But warning signs emerged in 2015.
  49. education

    Two Brooklyn Schools Set to ‘Merge’ for Integration, Space

    Fort Greene’s popular lottery-based school Arts & Letters is set to move into PS 305, an under-enrolled school in Bed-Stuy.
  50. representation

    Does Your Community Board Reflect You and Your Neighbors? Find Out.

    We analyzed the latest available demographic data of the city’s volunteer boards. Check out your neighborhood’s numbers and find out how to join.
  51. tale of the tape

    Top Vance Prosecutor Accused of Misleading Judge Over Withheld Evidence

    Diana Florence, who quit amid allegations she sat on a tape that impugned her star witness, knew of the recording in 2016, a defense attorney charged.
    tale of the tape
  52. community

    Morningside Park Neighbors Seek ‘Honest Conversation’ After Tessa Majors Slay

    A public forum on security and community, involving residents and a host of local groups, will take place on Wednesday — and “all ideas are welcome.”
  53. health care

    Booming Long-Term Care Industry Drives Budget-Busting Medicaid Cost Surge

    While Gov. Cuomo demands NYC pay a greater share, insurers sign up patients by the thousands — sometimes for services they don’t actually get.
    health care
  54. education

    Some Yeshivas Defying City Push to Boost Secular Studies

    Jewish schools in Brooklyn missed a Department of Education deadline to provide detailed plans to improve non-religious instruction.
  55. public housing

    Stringer Bounces NYCHA’s $12 Million Federal Monitor Deal

    Comptroller rejects contract with Bart Schwartz and his firm — citing cost concerns along with THE CITY’s reporting on past ties and billing issues.
    public housing
  56. going concern

    For Fine Relief, Stores Could Open Their Restrooms to the Public

    The city Department of Consumer and Worker Protection readies to allow retailers to cancel penalties by providing bathrooms to customers.
    going concern
  57. communication breakdown

    311 Assailed as ‘Epic Failure’ for the Deaf Community

    At Council meeting, Councilmember Fernando Cabrera calls out accessibility issues for hard-of-hearing New Yorkers and non-native English speakers.
    communication breakdown
  58. water logs

    Subway Water Main Pain Already Worse Than Last Year

    There have been 150 more water-related delays or cancelations of subways this month than there were in all of 2019, according to MTA data.
    water logs
  59. tale of the tape

    Vance Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Evidence Offers Defense

    Diana Florence tells court a mistake was made — but denied purposely sitting on tape that damaged star witness’ credibility in bribery cases.
    tale of the tape
  60. ccrb

    Cops in NYPD Trial Accused of Harassing Bronx Kids Over ‘Frozen’ Bookbag

    Two NYPD officers with a history of complaints were among officers who allegedly stopped and manhandled teens brothers over a Disney-themed backpack.
  61. shopping block

    As Red Hook Workers Fret Over Fairway Fate, Residents Say Grocer Priced Poor Out

    The Brooklyn neighborhood transformed by the 2006 arrival of the now-bankrupt upscale market chain could see a major employer vanish.
    shopping block
  62. tale of the tape

    A Top Prosecutor in Manhattan DA Vance’s Office Accused of Hiding Evidence

    Construction fraud-buster Diana Florence leaves post after allegations she withheld damaging recording of star witness in bribery cases.
    tale of the tape
  63. bye-ford

    Subway and Bus Boss Andy Byford’s Transit Triumphs and Unfinished Business

    Byford suddenly resigned two years into his transit turnaround efforts. His successor faces steep challenges — including dealing with Gov. Cuomo.
  64. doors shut

    Access-A-Ride Users Face Access Challenges at Access-A-Ride Centers

    Lack of automatic doors at the six centers where people with limited mobility must go to get the MTA’s paratransit service raises additional barrier.
    doors shut
  65. reform

    Bronx DA Clark Vows to ‘Work With’ New Bail Law Amid Concerns

    As Cuomo and de Blasio call for changes, the prosecutor said she’s dealing with the rules — even if they’re “a little more extreme than I’d like.”
  66. keeping track

    Group Wants to Shed More Light on MTA Budget Busters

    When MTA officials got rid of quarterly reports last year, they made it much harder to hold them accountable for cost overruns, watchdog group says.
    keeping track
  67. albany

    Cuomo’s Recipe to Plug $6B Budget Hole: Everyone Shares Medicaid Pain

    Proposed Medicaid changes could leave NYC on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars a year as governor put forward record $178.6 billion plan.
  68. prosecution rests?

    Manhattan DA Vance Stumbles in Campaign Cash Race as He Mulls Re-Run

    Cy Vance’s opponents called for his resignation over sex crime case. He defended his office, but won’t say if he’ll seek reelection.
    prosecution rests?
  69. checked out

    Background Backlog Leaves Students Without After-Care, Special Ed. Teachers

    A massive backlog of background check requests to New York City’s Department of Health means many teachers are sitting and waiting to work.
    checked out
  70. present tense

    Beijing to Brooklyn ‘Friendship’ Arch Gift Collapses

    The present from China for Sunset Park, seven years in the making, falls victim to “geopolitical tensions,” Borough President Eric Adams says.
    present tense
  71. tale of two cities

    Mayor’s Affordable Housing Program Struggles to Integrate New Yorkers by Income

    Our analysis shows most new affordable housing is concentrated in poorest neighborhoods. Meanwhile, middle-income apartments go to wealthier areas.
    tale of two cities
  72. gap year

    What You Need to Know to Decode Cuomo’s $175 Billion-Plus State Budget Speech

    New York’s quirk-packed budget process gets more complicated this year, thanks to a Medicaid-fueled $6 billion deficit. Here’s how it all affects you.
    gap year
  73. class action

    From Client to Staff, Queens Teen Pivots From Prison Path

    There was a time when young Fatu Kamara desperately needed the Queens Defenders help. Now she helps them help others.
    class action
  74. traffic

    NYC Congestion Pricing Plan Needs Open Doors, Watchdogs Say

    New York State’s Committee on Open Government is urging the MTA to make congestion pricing process more transparent.
  75. education

    Find Your NYC School’s 2019 Graduation Rate

    City students graduated at a record high last school year. Chalkbeat made a searchable database to find any public or charter school graduation rate.
  76. ankle support

    City Scrambling to Get Electronic Monitors for New Bail Rules

    Even with new rules in effect, the city is looking at ankle bracelets and apps. Meanwhile, some defendants are being set free, sans monitoring.
    ankle support
  77. bill's bills

    Mayor’s $95.3 Billion Proposed Budget Adds Costs, Not Programs

    Despite no new big-ticket items, Bill de Blasio’s no-frills fiscal plan piles on $3.1 billion personnel and other costs as state money woes loom.
    bill's bills
  78. wrong track

    ‘Shoddy’ Outreach to Homeless Led to Missed Subway Goals, Comptroller Says

    A new audit from State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli blames surge in subway homelessness on poor oversight of nonprofit tasked with outreach.
    wrong track
  79. succession

    Likely New Brooklyn Dems Boss Gets Big Bucks From Groups Her Bills Aid

    Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte proves a fundraising powerhouse with a boost from doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs who seek her help.
  80. ny-9

    Two Congressional Hopefuls Sharing the Same Brooklyn Coworking Space

    Politics makes strange office-fellows. Isiah James and Alex Hubbard, long-shots in the NY-9 race, have headquarters just steps away from each other.
  81. nycha

    HUD Secretary Carson Claims Fewer ‘Horrible Things’ in NYC Public Housing

    The housing boss argued there’s been “substantial improvement” at NYCHA — even as tab to fix the ailing home to 400k New Yorkers rises to $42 billion.
  82. ill timed

    Bloomberg’s Firm Violated Sick Leave Law He Vetoed as Mayor, but Now Supports

    The billionaire presidential hopeful’s media company was cited for a policy requiring workers to provide a doctor’s note after one or two sick days.
    ill timed
  83. helping hands

    Puerto Ricans in New York Help Homeland, Using Lessons from Maria

    Grassroots aid efforts sprout following the Jan. 7 earthquake as local politicians pledge support and critics say Washington is MIA.
    helping hands
  84. jails

    Correction Board Seeks Probe Into ‘Misuse’ of Rikers Body Scanners

    The city jails oversight body recommends “an immediate investigation” — citing “risk of radiation exposure” due to a lack of staff training.
  85. the count

    City Reveals $40 Million Plan of Attack on 2020 Census

    The effort will rely on outreach to traditionally undercounted communities with Congressional representation and federal funding at stake.
    the count
  86. immigration

    Some Undocumented Students Find Letdown at End of NY DREAM Act Rainbow

    The NY DREAM Act opened college help to undocumented students. But the confusing process ended with unexpected — and unexplained — bad news for some.
  87. stand clear

    Rising Reports of Subway Door Surprise Openings Still Rare But Jarring

    After MTA pulled new cars because of door issues, THE CITY found 139 reports system-wide over the last two years — including 64 in 2019.
    stand clear
  88. schools

    State Could Ease Requirements for Officers Hearing Special Education Cases

    To help clear over 10,000 backlogged cases, New York state officials are considering eliminating requirement of law license — and upping pay.
  89. homelessness

    NYC’s Biggest Shelter Plagued by Asbestos and Other Dangers

    Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter, which houses up to 850 homeless, is rife with code violations that include fire safety hazards, records show.
  90. battling hate

    Amid Hate Spike, A Crown Heights Leader Pleads: ‘We Have to Do Better’

    Richard Green helped bring residents together after the 1991 riots. As anti-Semitic incidents rise, he’s calling for resources — and understanding.
    battling hate
  91. left out

    Staten Island Family Court Struggles With Disability Act Compliance

    Judges, lawyers and litigants make do with trailers and courtroom swaps a decade after a promise of accessible new digs.
    left out
  92. education

    New Dyslexia Risk Screening at Two Brooklyn Schools — For $2,000

    Teachers assessing all first- and second-graders to identify learning challenges gets trial run, after bill to impose statewide testing stalled.
  93. wrong track

    Subway Door Problems Went Beyond Two Incidents, Records Show

    MTA officials say they pulled nearly 300 new train cars out of service after a pair of door malfunctions — but documents indicate additional issues.
    wrong track
  94. juvenile justice

    State Sets Rules to Give Due Process to Child Parolees

    Action follows judicial rebuke of city Administration for Children’s Services over how it decided which teens to send back to detention.
    juvenile justice
  95. in the books

    LIC Library Reveals Looming Shut-Down Date, With No New Home

    Popular branch in Citigroup Tower once eyed by Amazon will close a year after the tech giant cancelled its Long Island City deal.
    in the books
  96. public housing

    Contractor Guilty of Wage Theft Was Also NYCHA No-Bid King

    A review by THE CITY reveals that in 2018 alone, SAC Restoration received 29 separate no-bid contracts totaling more than $141,000.
    public housing
  97. pier pressure

    Future of West Side Piers Hazy as Cuomo Pushes for Action

    The governor wants a sketched plan for Pier 40 and Pier 76 from the Hudson River Park Trust by May. What that may look like is anyone’s guess.
    pier pressure
  98. ill bill

    City Sticks Home Health Care Agencies for Violating Paid Sick Leave Law

    More than 4,100 home health aides to get nearly $450,000 in restitution, says Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.
    ill bill
  99. wrong track

    MTA Yanks ‘Lemon’ Trains Out of Service

    Nearly 300 of the newest subway cars in the system were taken out of service early Wednesday morning due to issues with door reliability.
    wrong track
  100. public safety

    As City Vows New Facade Crackdown, Old Violations Leave Buildings ‘Unsafe’

    More than 300 buildings — including the “Gossip Girl” hotel — lack safety measures following failed inspections, city records show.
    public safety